City Strike Snake-Eyes A.K.A. Ninja-God of G.I. JOE

Yep.  He’s worth it, especially if you get ridiculously lucky and find him marked down to only 5 bucks at the local Wal-MartCity Strike Snake-Eyes (C.S. Snake-Eyes as the cool kids like ta call ‘im) was a welcome surprise to find hanging on the pegs. I’ve seen enough movie based figures to last me a lifetime and can’t wait for Hasbro to move the hell on to bigger and better things.  However, there’s no need to start a rant about things I hate…just yet anyway, so on with the review!

Snake Eyes is packaged in the “Pursuit of COBRA” series of R.O.C. figures, but we all know he’s really based off the animation from the fantastic G.I. JOE Resolute mini-series.  Since I open most of my figures, the package doesn’t matter much to me; but, I can see how someone that had collected the previous Resolute figs would be mildly aggravated…or insanely full of rage depending on their level of geekery.

He comes with an almost ridiculous amount of accessories, which is always welcome especially in the JOE-verse since you can NEVER have enough weapons:

katana (standard fare, black handle with silver blade…kinda flimsy, guess kids will have to find new ways to poke their eyes out)

sword sheath (mounts on his belt just like in the cartoon. Nice.)

small backpack (pushes into the peg on his upper back and completes the Resolute look)

G36 battle rifle w/ Aimpoint site (same one that’s being packaged with most R.O.C. figs)

pistol (possibly a Sig Sauer, but most likely an overly sculpted Glock)

bayonet (seems clunky compared to the sleek katana)

sub machine gun (I have no idea what type. It appears to be a 9mm, but reminds me of a scaled-down automatic shotgun)

big @$$ climbing pack/harness (actually works using the grappling hook/pulley system…for other JOEs, not on MY Snake-Eyes)

Spiked cramp-ons (same mold that’s been used since A.R.A.H., sticks in the foot pegs to allow for climbing spikes on feet)

Sure that’s all well and good, but really the only things I use for the guy are his small backpack and sword w/ sheath. That’s all he needed to silently slaughter COBRA troops in Resolute and, by God, that’s good enough for me!

He has the usual amount of articulation that’s been seen on JOE figures since the 25th Anniversary releases, and it suits him to a tee. I would still prefer rocker ankles for wider stances, but at this small of a scale they’d probably end up just breaking off anyway.  He has a soft rubber harness that runs around his shoulders and belt w/pouch that’s made from the same material.  As for paint applications, the figure I got only had a few very minor problems.  As stated in tons of other reviews (from awesome sites listed on the right side of this very blog) he’s lighter and more colorful than his animated counterpart. That being said, the paint scheme still matches the character nicely.  The only thing that noticeably stands out is his black pants. I’m not sure what I don’t like about them…maybe it’s cause they’re so glossy, but they catch my eye more and more. Perhaps some drybrushing would fix the problem.

Overall, this guy is friggin’ fantastic whether you collect G.I. Joes or just awesome action figures in general. If you see City Strike Snake-Eyes, snatch him up!  He’ll easily be tradeable for a pack of smokes if you get in a pinch.

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