Ultra Magnum…errr, Magnus.

Ah Revoltech series, you sure know how to make a man happy, much like Lois the two-fisted gutter urchin that lives down by the docks. However, while Lois will fight tooth and nail before surrendering it all, the Revoltech line just takes your money and ponies up the goods.

Today’s review centers around Revoltech’s version of Ultra Magnus from the Transformers.  He’s a Transformer without the ability to transform which is fine by me seeing as how rolling a semi-truck around on the carpet lost it’s appeal when I was 3 years-old.  He’s based (as far as I know) on the interpretation of the character that appeared in the Dreamwave comic series.  You see, Ultra Magnus is the twin of the much more famous Optimus Prime…which has made for an easy repaint on Revoltech’s part.

As stated above, Ultra Magnus is a repaint of, the previously released, Optimus Prime figure… or Convoy as our friends across the ocean like to call him.  His paint apps were pretty flawless on the figure I acquired through the evils of ebay, but that’s mostly due to the fact that he’s molded in the most of the colors necessary so the need for paint is quite minimal.  The Autobot logos on his shoulders are very crisp and show up well against the white backdrop of his shoulders.  My only gripe is that his “windows” are an odd color of blue and could use some type of effect or sticker to make them seem more reflective.

Ultra Magnus is blessed with a ton of accessories which really helps take the pain out of spending a sizable amount cash on a 5″ figure.  He comes with his battle rifle (with detachable grip for better placement in his hand), pointing hand (for, y’know, pointing at things), a semi-pointing hand (good for steadying the barrel of the rifle…and pointing), an odd dual-hand that can make it appear that Ultra Magnus and Optimus Prime are getting ready for some sweet arm wrasslin’ (sadly, you have to own Optimus also), and a whole extra set of Revoltech’s signature Revolving Joints.  The set I have are white in color, while the joints already in place on the figure are black. I haven’t changed any out, but that might make him look even better. Plus, it’s nice to know that my expensive import toy comes with it’s own replacement parts since I have no way of returning the damn thing if it breaks during some kind of high-flying adventure.

Speaking of the Revolving Joint, I’m really not sure what to think about it.  It seems pretty much like the standard fare for small action figures here in the States, but there are some differences.  The largest thing I noticed was that the larger joints “click” and lock into place. This is actually very nice since the leg articulation is then constantly very tight so there’s no problem setting Ultra Magnus up in all types of wild poses.  However, the box art shows him doing full high-kicks and whatnot which I have yet to duplicate in such a cool fashion.  The plastic that he is made up of seems rather sturdy overall, but his thighs are a little softer than I’d prefer (That’s what she said!).

All in all, Ultra Magnus is a nice little conversation piece in the collection. While I didn’t shit myself upon opening him, as I’d assumed would be the case after reading the internet hype, I don’t regret the purchase one bit.  If you’re curious about the Revoltech line of figures, and/or a big Transformers fan you could do a lot worse than this guy.  Plus, if given the right situation, those extra pointing hands just might get you out of trouble…don’t ask me how, it’s just too long of a story.


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