A Fistful of Bling: Cyborg Superman

Believe it or not, this is a review for a NEWLY RELEASED FIGURE.  Read on to find out how my drunken logic makes it so:

I know he’s from Wave 11, that Wave 12 has been out for a while now,  AND that Wave 13 is beginning to rear its head online; but, this guy was shipped in a case of All-Star figures.  He was still in the “old style” packaging and even came with his Kilowog C&C pieces.  I first assumed he had just been returned to the store or something, but after a trip to a few more Wal-Marts I noticed he continued to show up with the All-Stars.  I really don’t understand the logic behind this.  Sure he’s a cool enough figure, but him over a myriad of others…and why not switch the packaging?  Perhaps the factory just shit out a ton of him on accident. We may never know.


Iron Ma…Nope, Just IRON

Well guys, I’ve been fighting it but have obviously lost.  I bought this figure of Iron a few weeks ago. This was the same day that I stumbled ass backwards across a couple complete sets of DC Universe Classics Wave 12 at the local Wal-Mart.  The “Low Price Leader” had attempted to right their lack of DCUC and had spewed these much-needed additions from its disease ridden bowels, usually reserved for Marvel Transformers.  However, it was not be since my pockets only held enough green for a few of the figures.  Iron was one of the lucky ones I picked up and I was keeping him in package until I managed to actually buy the entire wave, but this week has been a drought in the hunt for toys so I freed him from his bonds and took a couple of pictures. (more…)

Iron Man: Whatta Lush!

*A quick note of ass-kissery:  Hasbro has really been pumping out the Iron Man II figures over the past couple of weeks.  I’ve yet to be in a Wal-Mart that hasn’t received At LEAST the basic first assortment.  I really applaud Hasbro’s efforts in this regard and only wish that Mattel would learn to follow suit. *


Wanna Kill the Morning?

You COULD do paperwork, listen in school, rob a convenient store, or any number of mundane things.  Instead, I think you oughta check out this massive list of toy reviews posted over on Articulated Discussion:

Thursday Reviews

There are tons of Iron Man reviews for those of you teetering on whether to take the plunge into 3 3/4″ plastic heaven.  I broke down and bought the “Demon in a Bottle” comic-style figure last night.  My first impressions are that he’s a big improvement over the Marvel Universe figure and that his lack of a ball-jointed head kinda takes away from the posing options, but not nearly as much as I thought it would.  I’ll toss up a full review in the morning since tonight has already been reserved for various tomfoolery… and possibly returning to the store to purchase more Iron Man figures.

Wal-Mart & Mattel: Killer of Dreams

Well crap… Mattel has confirmed that Wave 14 of DC Universe Classics will be a Wal-Mart exclusive wave.  Shhhiiiitttt. This means that we most likely won’t be able to find awesome figures like these:

Alan Scott Green Lantern: essential to a JSA collection.

Gold: another member of the Metal Men and one spectacular looking figure. If the recent Iron figure was any indication, this’ll be the best guy in the wave.

Zatanna, Obsidian, Kamandi (very Kirby-esque), Tyr (from Super Powers), and Hourman round out the rest of the wave. Good luck to all you fellow collectors when these guys get released.  I’ll have to be hoppin’ trains and hitchin’ rides all over the surrounding states in order to find these pieces of plastic crack.

*The photos come courtesy of Mattel.

Green Arrow: A Goatee to be Proud of

Ollie Queen, lover of women and fighter of crime, welcome to my toy collection you suave sonuvabitch. Also, welcome to my review of DC Universe Classics Green Arrow figure.  For all their screw ups and poor customer service, Mattel still manages to knock it out of the park by letting the 4 Horsemen sculpt the hell out of my favorite comic characters.  Let’s take a closer look at the “Emerald Archer” and I’ll explain why I believe he’s one of the best DCUC figures to date; but, is also aggravating to no end.


B.A. He-Man, Battle Armored & Bad Ass

Mattel, you wily bastards have done it again!  Somehow you always manage to con me into giving you my ill gotten dough.  This time it was blown purchasing the all new Battle Armor He-Man from the collector-centered Masters of the Universe Classics line…and I couldn’t be happier to be stone cold broke.  Please, allow me to elaborate on that a bit…