B.A. He-Man, Battle Armored & Bad Ass

Mattel, you wily bastards have done it again!  Somehow you always manage to con me into giving you my ill gotten dough.  This time it was blown purchasing the all new Battle Armor He-Man from the collector-centered Masters of the Universe Classics line…and I couldn’t be happier to be stone cold broke.  Please, allow me to elaborate on that a bit…

Look at that pic above, I mean really look at it.  If you were a fan of He-man in the 80s and owned any of the action figures, then you can’t deny that your heart skipped a beat seeing that badass staring at you through the screen. The 4 Horsemen have really continuously outdone themselves on this line of figures by managing to pay homage to the toys of yesteryear while updating sculpts and articulation for the present day.  Prince Adam’s alter ego here is dead set proof of that.  This He-Man is based off the classic version which featured the rolling chest plate action, allowing for “battle damage” to show up on his chest.  He-Man arrived in a solid white box with a gray-scale Masters of the Universe Classics logo adorning the front, with the name of the character emblazoned in bold, black letters beneath.  Inside the white outer box, lay the real packaging for the figures. It’s very reminiscent of the original toy line, and looks great on display. However, this was not to be since MY He-Man was freed from his plastic prison and unleashed upon the world.

The first thing I noticed about He-Man was just how much more massive he was than, Mattel’s other collector-friendly line, DC Universe Classics figures.  The heft of his figure alone manages to take some of the sting out of the higher price point.  The paint applications are all well done, with slight airbrushing on the skin to make the sculpt pop more. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that his face was not marred with a stray fingerprint or off-kilter eyebrow. Usually I managed to get screwed over on some front, but paint surely isn’t the case on this guy.  Even the lines on his chest logo were matched up correctly to the sculpt, which is one of the recurring cons I’ve seen in other (better) reviews.   The articulation is standard for the line, but seeing as how this is my first MOTUC purchase, it was all new to me.  He manages to have the usual ball-joint neck and shoulders we’re all accustomed to, but what I wasn’t expecting were the ball-joint hips.  This is a big departures from the side cut hips of the DCUC and really works well for this guy.  The loincloth manages to cover any of the unsightly joint, which is already mostly camouflaged by the ingenious shape of the upper legs.  Now for the problems:  The rocker ankles allow for a wider stance, but they also seem to be a tad loose and may cause the figure to topple over in time.  The chest armor manages to block some of the movement of the neck and keeps He-Man’s arms from being able to be completely put down at his sides, but those are minor gripes.

Next, lets dive right into the accessories.  As you can see in the pic above the “strongest man in the universe” decided it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to cover his bare chest while fighting guys that use swords and axes on a regular basis.  However,  it looks like he also said  “fuck a shield” since this guy wasn’t packaged with one.  He DOES come with his battle-axe, and, while I miss having the Power Sword, this seems sufficient for caving in Beast-Man’s skull.  The chest armor comes apart in 2 separate pieces by popping loose the four tabs (one on each corner of the armor).  Once removed, simply push out the chest plate and replace with one of the other two.  I generally keep the “single slash” plate in the armor as it shows the coolness of damage while still being able to see the H-logo on his chest.  I’m really pleased with the way the action feature was captured and updated. There are 3 plates: undamaged, one slash, and two slash.  All the plastic used in the accessories is sturdy and durable.

Overall, this guy has quickly moved up the ranks to become one of my favorite action figures.  Thanks to He-Man I now feel the overwhelming urge to order more MOTUC figures.  Damn my accursed plastic addiction!


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