Green Arrow: A Goatee to be Proud of

Ollie Queen, lover of women and fighter of crime, welcome to my toy collection you suave sonuvabitch. Also, welcome to my review of DC Universe Classics Green Arrow figure.  For all their screw ups and poor customer service, Mattel still manages to knock it out of the park by letting the 4 Horsemen sculpt the hell out of my favorite comic characters.  Let’s take a closer look at the “Emerald Archer” and I’ll explain why I believe he’s one of the best DCUC figures to date; but, is also aggravating to no end.

As you can see, Green Arrow has been blessed with the first new piece of articulation since the inception of DCUC: ball-joint wrists.  This allows the figure to properly hold his bow and arrow…sort of.  I’ll go into greater detail later when I rant about the accessories. Anyway, the added wrist articulation is nice but the real draw for me is that Green Arrow is a completely all new sculpt. That’s right folks, it’s no lie!  He’s all new head to toe which is almost unheard of in a line that basically recycles body parts like a back alley surgeon.  His quiver is placed permanently on his back and a sculpted strap runs diagonal across his chest.  Hell, even his cap’s feather is a separate piece that’s been sculpted and then attached.  Of course The 4 Horsemen also did a great job on his ridiculously maintained goatee of which any man would sell his soul to grow.

One of the biggest complaints about DC Universe Classics is the lack of accessories, especially with the recent price hikes on the line.  Well, I’m here to report that Ollie comes with 5 different accessories (6 if you count his stand, which I don’t since I f’n think they’re as useless as the packaging tray)!  He has the mandatory bow, an explosive arrow, the legendary boxing glove arrow, a bola arrow, and a basic concussive arrow that matches the one sculpted to his bow. Ah, there’s the main problem “sculpted to his bow”…crap.  While it IS done with the best intentions, the molded bowstring and arrow really limit the options when posing Green Arrow.  My recommendation would be to cut away the string and arrow with a dremel tool, then run a piece of thick thread through the ends of the bow.  His arrows are accurate in length to those in his quiver but this means that they’re also too short when it comes to realistically shooting them.  The shortness  really detracts from the arrows which sucks when you consider how well they’re sculpted.  Even the boxing glove arrow looks realistic and usable while still maintaining the ridiculousness of the original concept.  The explosive arrow even features a small countdown timer on the head.  If the arrows were just a tad longer and the bow were already strung, Green Arrow would be practically unbeatable as the greatest DCUC figure so far.  However, since the bow and arrow IS his whole gimmick, he’s really hurt by their shortfalls.

All in all, this is a masterful representation of the DC staple, even if his weaponry leaves something to be desired.  Without a doubt, this is the best version of the womanizing, liberal, do-gooder that has every graced fan’s collections.  I highly recommend him to fans of archery-related violence everywhere.


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