Iron Man: Whatta Lush!

*A quick note of ass-kissery:  Hasbro has really been pumping out the Iron Man II figures over the past couple of weeks.  I’ve yet to be in a Wal-Mart that hasn’t received At LEAST the basic first assortment.  I really applaud Hasbro’s efforts in this regard and only wish that Mattel would learn to follow suit. *

Now, let’s get right into things with this review of Iron Man.  This figure comes from the Iron Man II: Comic Series and is based off of the armor Tony Stark drunkenly wears through most of the 1980s.  This is arguably (cause I will argue the hell out of it) THE best version of the armor to ever exist, and unlike the recent Marvel Universe figure, this Iron Man figure lives up to the legacy.

As you can sorta make out through the blurry camera shot, Iron Man comes with a number of accessories.  All in all I consider them to be useless and feel I wasted my time by even removing them from the packaging.  I’m sure there are lots of people that’d disagree with me on that point, but your reading MY extremely biased review.  First up we have the figure stand.  It’s silver and flat with one peg hole placed on the corner for you to stand Iron Man on it. Wow. It has slots sculpted to the side with which you can place the 3 armor cards which show a crude drawing of the figure you just purchased.  They go together in layers and once placed on top of one another show the full armor.  This isn’t all that impressive either, but is probably a good gimmick for the kids.  Next we have the repulsor blast. It’s a fancy piece of red plastic that fits over the figure’s hand in order to simulate shooting energy beams.  I don’t have too much of a problem with the idea, but I think it’d have been much better executed if it were able to secure to his palm instead of covering the whole hand like a red, gummy mitten.  Last, but certainly not least, is the fiery flame of fire that come from Iron Man’s boots.  Maybe it’s my inability to maneuver his ball-jointed hips correctly, but for the life of me I can’t get both of his feet to sit properly on the burst…I feel like less of a man, and for that I hate you boot blast!

Huh…looks like I just kinda ragged on everything that last paragraph.  Well, let’s even it out shall we?  The figure itself is fantastic especially when considering it’s only 3 3/4″ tall.  It seems that Hasbro is really bringing their A-game to these Marvel movie licenses.  They did the same thing for their Wolverine: Origins movie figures: great sculpting, new articulation, and multiple movie and comic-based lines.  The sculpt is spot on perfect for the armor this guy is based on.  The articulation is solid and (other than the ball-joint hips) easy to move around.  The only complaint is that there is no ball-joint neck. Weird right? Of all the things to crap out on…ah well, it doesn’t take away too much from posing. You just have to use the torso articulation to allow for looking upward in flying poses.

The paint applications on the figure I bought are nice. There is some bleed between the yellow and red on the helmet, but nothing major.  The metallic paint used for the armor really helps mask imperfections.  The center repulsor in Iron Man’s chest has very thin paint (or sticker decal, not quite sure) that you can see through towards the center. I rummaged through a few versions of this figure at the store and I found the best one.  This goes with a lot of the comments I’ve seen in other reviews about the hit and miss paint in this line.  Guess that’s a big drawback having such detailed figures at such a small scale.

I like this figure, but let’s face it: he’ll end up in a drawer or box with the rest of my Marvel Universe figures soon enough.  No matter how hard I try I just can’t get fully into collecting 3 3/4″ superheroes…doesn’t make a lot of sense seeing as how much I accept and love G.I. Joe.


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