Iron Ma…Nope, Just IRON

Well guys, I’ve been fighting it but have obviously lost.  I bought this figure of Iron a few weeks ago. This was the same day that I stumbled ass backwards across a couple complete sets of DC Universe Classics Wave 12 at the local Wal-Mart.  The “Low Price Leader” had attempted to right their lack of DCUC and had spewed these much-needed additions from its disease ridden bowels, usually reserved for Marvel Transformers.  However, it was not be since my pockets only held enough green for a few of the figures.  Iron was one of the lucky ones I picked up and I was keeping him in package until I managed to actually buy the entire wave, but this week has been a drought in the hunt for toys so I freed him from his bonds and took a couple of pictures.

Iron is part of the Metal Men. Granted, they have never been a huge fan favorite of mine but I know that they have managed to play a few significant roles in the history of the DC Universe.  They appeared most recently as a backup feature in Doom Patrol, but are personally most useful and memorable as the “armors” in Alex Ross’ Justice mini-series.

This figure is a spot-on sculpt. While it does reuse body parts per the general rule in this line, there is enough new sculpting to really make Iron stand out from the pack…and take the crown as coolest figure in all of Wave 12 (not considering the Collect & Connect Darkseid).  He uses the medium sized male body and has a unique head, along with boot tops and gauntlets that are encircled with rivets.  The biggest sculpting difference is the tunic that covers Iron’s torso and waist.  It eliminated the “ab crunch” and limits his hip movement, but manages to make him look so damn good that it doesn’t even matter to me. Mattel also saw fit to give Iron die-cast fists. I have no idea why… I really don”t. There not even different enough to be a real selling point, but I guess I can’t complain about cool little extras like that.

The paint on this guy is unbelievable! It’s just a series of simple washes, but it really makes him look like he’s made of metal. He’s also covered in scratches and pock marks to give him a weathered look.  The figure I picked up didn’t have any paint mistakes and it was all over an even tone.

Iron’s accessories are quite nice and help to show his power of being able to transform into various objects.  First up we have this wicked wrecking ball.  It attaches to his right hand and consists of a real metal chain hooked to a plastic ball.  It’s very well done and makes for an intimidating weapon.

Okay, next we have the giant adjustable wrench.  While this isn’t nearly as devastating as a wrecking ball, it DOES convey a hidden amount of cool in the fact that, IT ACTUALLY WORKS!  While I wouldn’t recommend tightening your lug nuts or the pipe under the kitchen sink with it, this wrench does adjust as you turn the thumb dial.

Iron also comes with one of Darkseid’s legs, which means that if you wanna complete the Dark Lord of Apokolips then you’re gonna have to shill out the cash for this toy.  Lucky for you, it’s the best of the bunch.  There is also the 75th anniversary pin that features the worst artwork I’ve seen on one so far. It’s not that it’s Golden Age, it’s just that Iron isn’t even featured in his current incarnation.

I recommend this figure to anyone who collects DCUC. He makes a very striking addition to the shelf. That AND you can use his two extra hands to pummel your adversaries into submission, whether they be real or imagined.


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  1. I agree this is definately one of the best of the Darkseid wave. I guess I’m going to start completing this wave!

    • I completed it recently. I’m looking forward to reviewing Darkseid very soon. 🙂

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