A Fistful of Bling: Cyborg Superman

Believe it or not, this is a review for a NEWLY RELEASED FIGURE.  Read on to find out how my drunken logic makes it so:

I know he’s from Wave 11, that Wave 12 has been out for a while now,  AND that Wave 13 is beginning to rear its head online; but, this guy was shipped in a case of All-Star figures.  He was still in the “old style” packaging and even came with his Kilowog C&C pieces.  I first assumed he had just been returned to the store or something, but after a trip to a few more Wal-Marts I noticed he continued to show up with the All-Stars.  I really don’t understand the logic behind this.  Sure he’s a cool enough figure, but him over a myriad of others…and why not switch the packaging?  Perhaps the factory just shit out a ton of him on accident. We may never know.

I suppose that destroying Coast City and killing millions of people in the process WOULD give you the ability to instill great fear.  Lucky for Hank Henshaw a.k.a. Cyborg Superman since he managed to do just that.  The Cyborg Superman has had a very storied past since his debut during the Death of Superman arc that ran through the DC titles in the early 90s… and most of it has been crap.  One of the highlights though, was during the Sinestro Corps War and his inclusion as its weapons master.  That’s right, ole chrome dome here fashioned the Sinestro Corps rings, and snagged a whole handful of them for himself.  That is the basis for this figure from Wave 11 of DC Universe Classics.

Cyborg Superman uses the same articulation model that we’ve seen with most DCUC figures.  In fact, this is the same Cyborg Superman figure that has been released before in the DCSH line with the exception of a new lower leg (instead of the robotic one he used to show off like some kinda broad hitchin’ a ride in the desert).  With his modesty returned, he now sports the usual Superman style boots.  The ball-joint neck sort of works, but really just seems “bendy” and breakable instead of giving a full range of motion. On the figure I received the ankles are beyond loose and he seems about 20 minutes of play away from contracting “Floppy Leg Syndrome”. Yep, pretty soon he’ll have to join the FLS support group with Mr. Miracle and most of my early Marvel Legends.  Cyborg Superman also scored a new fist sculpt for his robotic hand. Now he sports 4 Yellow Lantern rings on his mitt. Looking closely though, you’ll notice the sculptor made the small mistake of giving them all the Green Lantern Corps logo. No big deal in the long run, but it still bugs me seeing as how I’m obsessed over the Corps.

Where this version of Hank (as I’m gonna call him from now on since “Cyborg Superman” seems so formal and overly descriptive for a name.) really stands out is the sweet ass paint scheme.  He’s wearing the uniform that he debuted upon becoming part of the Sinestro Corps and it’s fantastic.  I always thought it was odd that he didn’t adopt a yellow suit, but I guess his involvement with Manhunters required he stick with red. Regardless, it is very eye catching. The once recognizable S-shield has been changed to a diamond-shaped Yellow Lantern logo. This same logo makes a very striking appearance on his cape also.  The head has been painted with precision and has no noticeable bleed or overspray between the human (Kryptonian) and robotic parts. There is even a smatter of airbrushing on the jaw to better break up the monotony of the silver part of the head. Good job Mattel, you should give those kids in the sweatshop an extra piece of bread!… I only joke, we both know they deserve nothing. NOTHING!

It’s very easy to find yourself posing this figure obsessively. His only limitations are due to the massive vinyl cape, which plagues most DCUC characters that have them.  It’s also nice having another foe for the Green Lantern Corps to run roughshod all over. Hank works fighting a number of characters though since he’s managed to be so prolific and random in his comic book appearances.  He’s packaged with Kilowog’s head and crotch so he’s pretty much a must–have if you wanna build the drill sergeant of the Green Lantern Corps.

I like this figure and am happy that I own him.  In fact, every time I look at him now I feel a pain in my heart knowing that I’ll never see anymore Wave 11 figures in this one horse town.  Perhaps my travels will bear some juicy DCUC fruit since I hate, hate, HATE ordering figures online that I SHOULD be able to get in the stores.  Anyway, pick him up if you get the chance…and you apparently will get the chance since the All-Star waves are flooding what little shelf space stores have for DCUC.

* “Space Battle” picture effects courtesy of Eric Boswell


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  1. I agree and I would add that world is going online, you’ll have to get used to order it online if you can’t find it anywhere, and again, this depends where you live. By the way I posted dcuc wave 12 a while back as well.

  2. I know. I keep tellin’ myself, but I just miss the thrill (and utter frustration) of the hunt.lol

    Nice site, by the way.

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