Multi-Colored Death: MOTUC Weapons Pak

Well, well, well.  What do we have here?  A big pile of random weapons on a blister card?!  Yes please!

That was what I said to myself, within the confines of my alcohol-soaked brain, upon finding out about the Masters of the Universe Classics Weapons Pak from Mattel.

After tearing into it though, my excitement almost immediately faded.  It’s not that I hated anything that was included…I’ll just never be able to use most of it.


Deadman: Poppin’ His Collar

Boston Brand is one creepy bastard.  Well, that’s not really accurate.  Boston Brand is Deadman, and while being a ghost is kinda creepy, this new figure from Mattel’s DC Universe Classics (Wave 11) really boosts his street cred as one scary motherf***er.


Random Bits of Randomness…

Alright guys, more reviews ARE on the way.  I’m not dead and any rumor to the contrary is way off base.  Just because you accidentally end up as “cargo” in the human trafficking biz doesn’t mean you’re automatically gonna end up in a snuff film.

I’m currently taking pics and writing nonsense in between the beatings and hatching of escape plans.  For now, here’s a quick shot of Superman and his (apparently) old colleague Prince Adam of Eternia a.k.a He-Man:

…and this right here is a piece of random comic art.  The line art comes from me, while the sweet computer-y background comes courtesy of Ms. Erin Kennedy.  It’s a pin-up of DC’s Killer Moth crying into his beer over his uselessness.  If only he knew the unfettered joy given to me every time I look at his DCUC figure.

Some upcoming reviews:  Marvel Universe Bucky, DCUC Deadman, Skeletor/Lex Luthor two-pack, MOTUC Weapons Pak, and much, much more!

There you have it folks! Nothing important to discuss.  Gimme a couple of days and I’m sure there’ll be more toy goodness for your viewing pleasure… and whatever other pleasures you get from this site.  Sickos.  You know who you are.

Hot & Sweaty: P.O.C.’s Desert Viper

It’s not often I manage to score an action figure at a grocery store.  However, that was the situation I found myself in on a recent trip to Kroger’s.  After snatching up the usual supplies of toddler snacks, toddler meals, and generally all things “toddler” I happened to notice some figures stuck amongst the Hot Wheels and whatnot that normally populate the grocery’s small selection of toys.

Mostly it was high priced garbage, but within the pegs of DCUC Cyborg and those god-awful Spider-Man figures was a gem of badassery.  This review is for the Desert Viper from Hasbro‘s G.I. Joe Pursuit of Cobra.  Granted, Dusty, Zartan, and many other spectacular figures make up the coming waves; but, this is the first figure from the Desert series that I’ve seen. While he’s just a hodgepodge of previously released parts, he manages to retain a pile of awesome all on his own.


A Little Non-Toy Related Whoring…

As you may not be privy, I occasionally draw and co-write a comic. It goes by the long ass moniker of Disconnected: Tales of the Sovereign. It’s a look at being a washed-up superhero and doesn’t take itself too seriously.  If you wanna read something besides the latest MOTUC bios, you should give it a shot.

Here’s some handy-dandy links where you can find it online:


Disconnected: Tales of the Sovereign Issue #1 (2nd Printing)

Disconnected: Tales of the Sovereign Issue #2


Disconnected: Tales of the Sovereign Issue #1

Disconnected: Tales of the Sovereign #2

Don’t worry, plenty more action figure reviews comin’ right up!

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Vigilante: The Name Kinda Sums Him Up.

Frank Castle Adrian Chase‘s family was killed by mobsters.  Chase then decided to seek justice in his own way as The Punisher The Vigilante.

Yep. That’s the premise of DC Comics‘ Vigilante.  Kinda familiar, right? The big difference is that Vigilante began his war on crime by trying his best to use non-lethal force.  Pussy.  However, this is a review of Mattel‘s DC Universe Classics Vigilante figure, so his lack of testicular fortitude doesn’t apply…unless you count the extremely flat crotch.


Perseus: Bearer of Secret Articulation…and Panties

Action figure collecting can get a little repetitive.  With lines like DC Universe Classics, Marvel Universe, MOTUC, etc., you pretty much know what you’re going to get.  However, every once in a blue moon you buy an action figure that manages to surprise and astonish.  Neca has accomplished this feat with Perseus from the new remake of Clash of the Titans.


Shinin’ My Shoes…

…and preparing for the hunt.  The toy hunt, that is.  It’s the twenty-ninth celebration of my birth; so, while amongst all the festivities and tomfoolery I plan to track down a few new figures to review.  Yes sir, as the party-liquor flows and the debauchery unfolds I’ll still be geeking it up by hitting all the usual retail hideouts of my favorite lines.  Reviews will follow upon my eventual waking from what’s sure to be a comatose state brought on by sultry street urchins and/or beatings.

Until then, here are a few random pics of figures that find themselves (much like myself) way too old to be worth a relevant review:

Killer Moth: He’s my current 2nd favorite DCUC figure.  There’s just something about his flamboyant ways that won me over from the start.

Zombie Spider-Man: Not a figure I would have bought, luckily I scored him as a gift.  Still, he’s kind of a fun piece to have in the collection…and he drives women wild!

Judge Dredd: Legendary Comic Book Heroes ended way before it’s time. Now I’ll never have a Mean Machine!

The Punisher: Sure Hasbro has it’s flaws, but this Tim Bradstreet-inspired figure of ole Frank Castle from Punisher MAX really makes me wish for the return of Marvel Legends.

Moon Knight: I have very few Marvel Universe figures.  I just don’t like the current sculpting. However, my love of schizophrenic vigilantes forced me to add this little guy to my shelves.

So there you have it: a couple more minutes of your time wasted away while perusing this site.  Have a good one, and I’ll be posting up some more reviews very soon…or as soon as I feel like it.