Shinin’ My Shoes…

…and preparing for the hunt.  The toy hunt, that is.  It’s the twenty-ninth celebration of my birth; so, while amongst all the festivities and tomfoolery I plan to track down a few new figures to review.  Yes sir, as the party-liquor flows and the debauchery unfolds I’ll still be geeking it up by hitting all the usual retail hideouts of my favorite lines.  Reviews will follow upon my eventual waking from what’s sure to be a comatose state brought on by sultry street urchins and/or beatings.

Until then, here are a few random pics of figures that find themselves (much like myself) way too old to be worth a relevant review:

Killer Moth: He’s my current 2nd favorite DCUC figure.  There’s just something about his flamboyant ways that won me over from the start.

Zombie Spider-Man: Not a figure I would have bought, luckily I scored him as a gift.  Still, he’s kind of a fun piece to have in the collection…and he drives women wild!

Judge Dredd: Legendary Comic Book Heroes ended way before it’s time. Now I’ll never have a Mean Machine!

The Punisher: Sure Hasbro has it’s flaws, but this Tim Bradstreet-inspired figure of ole Frank Castle from Punisher MAX really makes me wish for the return of Marvel Legends.

Moon Knight: I have very few Marvel Universe figures.  I just don’t like the current sculpting. However, my love of schizophrenic vigilantes forced me to add this little guy to my shelves.

So there you have it: a couple more minutes of your time wasted away while perusing this site.  Have a good one, and I’ll be posting up some more reviews very soon…or as soon as I feel like it.


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