Perseus: Bearer of Secret Articulation…and Panties

Action figure collecting can get a little repetitive.  With lines like DC Universe Classics, Marvel Universe, MOTUC, etc., you pretty much know what you’re going to get.  However, every once in a blue moon you buy an action figure that manages to surprise and astonish.  Neca has accomplished this feat with Perseus from the new remake of Clash of the Titans.

You wanna know the true test of being an obsessive action figure collector?  If you are in a Toys R’ Us, surrounded by people’s misbehaving children, and you’re trying to look through the bottom of the package and up Sam Worthington’s skirt to see his leg articulation without feeling the least bit of shame.  That my friends, is obsession.  As to what I saw, well I could make out thigh cuts so that (added with the ball joint knees and elbows ) helped seal the deal on the purchase.  Of course, his chances would have been good anyway since there wasn’t a lot of competition seeing as how most of the shelves were bare of decent figures.

Upon opening Perseus I was knocked back by the now familiar, yet overwhelming, “NECA smell”.  I’m not sure what kind of plastic they use, but I’d hate to be slaving away in THAT factory.  Anyhoo, right off the bat I ran into a problem: his sword was bent…badly. It’s a nice sculpt but seems to made of a wet noodle.  I’m hoping a little hot water and a heavy book will straighten it out.  After seeing the sword I quit expecting anything from this guy. Next I removed the shield.  It was a different story altogether from the sword. The shield is made of a thicker plastic and the arm straps and handle are soft, yet strong enough the the shield doesn’t droop of attempt to fall from Perseus’ arm. The shield also has some very nice paint applications, from the front of the “shell” (watch the movie and find out) to the individual rivets on the straps.

Let’s  ramble on about Perseus himself.  I’ll go ahead and get the shitty parts out of the way right now.  His thigh articulation blows.  He has the same swivel hips as most female figures had in the 90s.  Yeah, that’s about it.  Everything else on this figure is top notch!  Hell, even the hips don’t effect him as much when you consider the rest of his leg articulation.  In fact, I’ll list it out for you:  ball joint head, (hidden) ball joint shoulders, ball joint elbows, ball joint wrists (careful though, his hands’ll pop off, but are easily put back in place), feminine thigh cuts, upper thigh cuts, ball joint knees, ball joint ankles, and the piece of articulation that shocked and surprised me: some type of hidden ball joint chest! That’s right, Perseus wears full armor yet has a completely usable and fully functional piece of articulation in his chest.  His armor is made of the same rubber that was used on a lot of Toy BizLord of the Rings movie figures.  This allows him to be posed in some very dramatic ways and made him well worth the $14.99 I paid at retail.

Now let’s talk about paint.  Neca has done a tremendous job of painting Perseus to match the color scheme of the film.  The armor looks well-worn and realistic.  There is a brown wash used over the skin on the figure to highlight the hairs and muscle details that are sculpted (along with the fact that Perseus is dirty as a back-alley grifter through most of the movie).  The only problem I found here was that I had to rummage through most of the stock in order to find one without a weird “V” running across the forehead.  I noticed on those figures that the brown wash was extensively heavier, so this may have been a simply a bad batch.

Clash of the Titans was a fun 2 hours of 3-D for what it was (mindless entertainment) and reminded me of playing Dungeons & Dragons.  The action figure of Perseus turned out to be far superior and lasting than the film that it comes from.  If you’re in the need of a badass roman-esque soldier, then you could do a hell of a lot worse than Perseus.  Also, this Sam Worthington figure can whip the dog-shit outta his Avatar and Terminator Salvation ones.


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