Vigilante: The Name Kinda Sums Him Up.

Frank Castle Adrian Chase‘s family was killed by mobsters.  Chase then decided to seek justice in his own way as The Punisher The Vigilante.

Yep. That’s the premise of DC Comics‘ Vigilante.  Kinda familiar, right? The big difference is that Vigilante began his war on crime by trying his best to use non-lethal force.  Pussy.  However, this is a review of Mattel‘s DC Universe Classics Vigilante figure, so his lack of testicular fortitude doesn’t apply…unless you count the extremely flat crotch.

As you can see, Vigilante comes with a small arsenal and a big, naked leg.  The leg belongs to the Giganta BAF Collect & Connect.  Vigilante comes with a stylized Mac-10, a revolver, and an AR-15 for sniper shots.  When it comes to DCUC accessories are few and far between; so, Vigilante has been blessed by the toy gods in that regard.  He is able to hold all of his weapons at once and can even holster the revolver and sling the rifle on his back.

Vigilante has the exact same articulation as any other DCUC figure. Nothing new here, that’s for sure. Of course, since the articulation model is practically perfect I guess being the same works out in this instance.  His ball-joint head even works perfectly since his wave wasn’t affected by the restricted neck that later figures suffered from.  He also has a number of brand new sculpted parts. His head, forearms, left hand, and belt are all new to the line.  Vigilante is the first DCUC figure to feature a hand with a “trigger finger“.  His belt is very detailed and he has a pair of sweet nunchucks sculpted on the back of it.

Okay, so you’re probably saying to yourself, “Lemonjuice, why haven’t you been shitting all over this guy yet?  I know you hate him.  I can feel it in every part of my being.”

Well, good question. The simple answer is that I’ve been saving it up.  I try being fair on occasion, and this is one of those times.  While Vigilante is cool on some base level, there are plenty of things about him that irked me.  Lets start from the top shall we?  His head sculpt is nice, but the execution of his goggles didn’t come out nearly as nice as Booster Gold‘s or Blue Beetle‘s.  Mine are very dulled and even have some white overspray from the frame of the goggles.  Also, the figure I purchased suffers from a partially torn right wrist which results in both looking like crap AND keeping me from being able to turn it due to worry about it falling the rest of the way off.  Next, lets talk weapons. While the Mac-10 suffers from being too small, the big problem lies with his rifle.  It came out of the packaging tray twisted up like a pretzel thanks to Mattel‘s need to “pose” the figures in the package.  The wrist thing really gets my goat though.  I also loathe his color scheme, with that bright yellow belt… but that’s just personal vitriol spewing forth.

I happened to pick up Vigilante at a Target after dealing with a day of empty-handed toy shopping. If it had proved more fruitful, I probably would have skipped this guy.  He’s not one of my personal favorites for sure and seems kinda bland next to a lot of other DCUCs; but, I’m sure he’s somebody’s favorite…he’s just not for me.  If you DO love him, feel free engage me in a blood vendetta and seek retribution for this review.  Yep, it’s been a while since I’ve had a good ol’ feud.


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  1. I’m still wondering why DC is choosing such lesser known figures for their waves. Vigilante? Whoever he is, he doesn’t even have a comic at the moment that features him…

    • He DID, but it sucked all kids of balls and was canceled fairly quick. I read the first two issues and tried to give it a shot, I really did. I know most comic characters are derivative of one another, but if you’re gonna mimic the Punisher you’ve got to step it up a notch rather than water it down.

  2. i think he is a parody of the Punisher, either way I liked this figure, it’s cool, it reminds me of Snake Eyes.Oh well, I thought his gun was an uzi, whatever it is, it works fine with the Gotham Goon from the Dark Night line.

    Either way I have no love for the character just the figure.

    • Welcome to the site! It’s nice to see some other people’s opinions of figures that i didn’t really care for. Now that you mention it, he DOES look a lot like the version 1 Snake Eyes…looks like a custom is in

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