Deadman: Poppin’ His Collar

Boston Brand is one creepy bastard.  Well, that’s not really accurate.  Boston Brand is Deadman, and while being a ghost is kinda creepy, this new figure from Mattel’s DC Universe Classics (Wave 11) really boosts his street cred as one scary motherf***er.

This figure is one of the few, the proud, the newly sculpted.  He joins the ranks of Green Arrow, and…hmmm. I’m sure there’s had to have been more newly sculpted DCUC figures, but none come to mind.  His body is extremely slender. The fabric of his suit is pulled tight into his muscles, showing every sinew of his skinny physique, and wrinkling around the gloves and waste.  He’s garbed in his familiar red bodysuit with big ass collar and a white “D” on the stomach. Boston’s exposed chest and head are fashioned in the same manner with veins clenched and wrinkles abundant.  The 4 Horsemen couldn’t have done a better job on this guy.  Deadman’s sculpted so well, I honestly can’t think of another character they’ll be able to reuse these parts on.  While having a new body, Deadman still utilizes the same DCUC articulation model, even down to the ball-joint head being nothing more than a glorified peg as Boston can only look side to side. It really blows since he can’t be put in a lot of flying poses because of it.  The only thing that bothers me in the least is the “screaming” head sculpt.  Don’t get me wrong, it looks nice; but, sometimes Deadman doesn’t need to yell.  Sometimes he needs to talk softly and gently as his phases his way undetected into the ladies’ showers in JLA headquarters. How can Boston Brand be expected to get his rocks off while watching Wonder Woman and Black Canary toweling each other off if he’s screaming the whole damn time?! How Mattel?!

The paint on the figure I snatched up is phenomenal.  He has a darker red as his bodysuit base color with airbrushed highlights.  The inside of his epic collar, gloves, belt, and little pointy booties are a brighter shade of red.  The “D” on his stomach is bright white and the lines are very crisp.  The big selling point on the paint job though is the head and chest.  Deadman looks appropriately corpse-like.  He’s painted with a light gray and then dark gray has been applied to show off the details.  His eyes are a stark white and contrast well with the dark gray that surrounds them.  His mouth is open and the gaping maw is filled in with black while the teeth have been neatly painted white.  This is one of the best paint apps I’ve seen on any DCUC figure.

Deadman is light on accessories, as in: he has none.  Granted, I really can’t think of anything that would have been beneficial to him (a flight stand perhaps?) anyway; not to mention, both his hands are sculpted open.  He does come with a very important piece of the Collect & Connect Kilowog figure though.  Deadman here is packaged with Kilowog’s right arm. While all body parts are a necessity, the important thing here is that on Kilowog’s mighty fist sits his Green Lantern Corps ring.   That’s right, Kilowog without his ring is just another giant space-pig.

I only have a passing knowledge of Deadman as a character, but I know I like this figure.  I give this guy and his Elvis-jumpsuit the big ol’ thumbs up.  He looks scary and that comes in handy when you’re fending off ravenous lepers and all you have is a couple of toys. Deadman’ll do the trick every time cause lepers are scared of the dead…or so I’ve been told.


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  1. Great review! The last picture of him with Captain Cold is definitely my favorite. I very much want to end up with Deadman sometime soon.. but is it bad that I really, really hate C&C figures? I’ll never collect all of them to put together a figure, since I’m not someone who feels the need to complete an entire line, and they take the place of what could be an accessory or something interesting for me. Got several DCUC figures this past week and my junk drawer now has several random body parts sitting in it. Le sigh.

    • I feel you on the C&Cs. I’ve decided that I’m gonna quit even hoping for full waves anymore since it seems they’re now filled with more and more characters I don’t like (all of upcoming Wave 13). I have Atom Smasher and Kalibak almost completed so I’m gonna trade around and finish those two, then I’m out of the C&C game!

  2. I’d like a gitd version of Deadman. Alas, that’s rare so I doubt I’d get one cheaply.

    • Yeah, I’ve never seen one on the pegs and I’ve found Deadman a number of times. You might get lucky though. Try, they usually have DCUCs for decent aftermarket prices. Shipping sucks as usual though…

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