Random Bits of Randomness…

Alright guys, more reviews ARE on the way.  I’m not dead and any rumor to the contrary is way off base.  Just because you accidentally end up as “cargo” in the human trafficking biz doesn’t mean you’re automatically gonna end up in a snuff film.

I’m currently taking pics and writing nonsense in between the beatings and hatching of escape plans.  For now, here’s a quick shot of Superman and his (apparently) old colleague Prince Adam of Eternia a.k.a He-Man:

…and this right here is a piece of random comic art.  The line art comes from me, while the sweet computer-y background comes courtesy of Ms. Erin Kennedy.  It’s a pin-up of DC’s Killer Moth crying into his beer over his uselessness.  If only he knew the unfettered joy given to me every time I look at his DCUC figure.

Some upcoming reviews:  Marvel Universe Bucky, DCUC Deadman, Skeletor/Lex Luthor two-pack, MOTUC Weapons Pak, and much, much more!

There you have it folks! Nothing important to discuss.  Gimme a couple of days and I’m sure there’ll be more toy goodness for your viewing pleasure… and whatever other pleasures you get from this site.  Sickos.  You know who you are.


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  1. Great to know that more goodies are coming our way! Looking forward to more hobotastic reviews.. and very glad to know that you didn’t end up in a snuff film.

    • Thanks Wes! I appreciate your concern, but I know it was you that sold me out. Don’t deny it! I know that’s how you paid for Nuclear Spawn.lol

      • Well, really.. I mean, can you blame me? I did get Commando Spawn with the money, too. that $12 went a long way!

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