Multi-Colored Death: MOTUC Weapons Pak

Well, well, well.  What do we have here?  A big pile of random weapons on a blister card?!  Yes please!

That was what I said to myself, within the confines of my alcohol-soaked brain, upon finding out about the Masters of the Universe Classics Weapons Pak from Mattel.

After tearing into it though, my excitement almost immediately faded.  It’s not that I hated anything that was included…I’ll just never be able to use most of it.

Okay, up above you’ll see the full assortment of insanely-colored implements of destruction.  It’s really a large number of weapons for the price. For once, I think has given the fans a bargain.

Now, let’s get into the various pieces a little more in depth (but not too much).  We’ll start with the stuff I really dug, and work our way to the stuff I think is shitty as a shitty pile of shitty shit.

I like swords, so sue me!  These are the three items that really stand out from rest of the “Pak”.

The blue Sword of He is way better in person than these pictures convey.  Still, I wish it was the regular gray version cause my Battle Armor He-Man has been itchin’ for a blade.

Tri-Clops‘ repainted sword turned out to be the biggest surprise.  It’s completely bad-ass and looks good in almost any figure’s hands.

The 200X Power Sword is the main reason I bought this thing in the first place.  I know it originally came with Man-At-Arms, but the version he had didn’t feature the sweet cartoon accurate paint apps.  The sculpt on this one is a lot tighter than the original 200X sword. That’s probably due to it being made of a less rubbery material.  My only real cantankerously-petty gripe is that the sword doesn’t “rotate”.  This also aggravates the other scalawags I’ve discussed it with (I’m lookin’ at you GRogan!), so at least it’s not just me.

Next up, we have all the things that I like, but will never be able to use.  I’ll lay curled up at night, crying into a heavily-soiled blanket as I dream of being able to make the repainted Beastman armor look cool on someone.  Goddamn, I gotta get some more MOTUC figures!  Curse you DC Universe Classics and loose women for snatching all of my sweet ill-gotten money!

It’s funny how the blue Power Sword looks fine in He-Man’s hand, yet the blue battleaxe and shield don’t.  I dunno why, they just don’t.

The short sword has a nice design and would look quite cool in the hands of Kronis.  However, I don’t have him so this piece of bladed glory will temporarily remain in the miscellaneous pile til I acquire a Trapjaw for myself.

Stratos‘ jet pack…well, it’s a friggin’ jet pack! What’s not to like?

I am completely neutral on this stuff.  Pink Zodac armor, blaster, and staff…yep, it is what it is.

At last we come to the dregs of the Weapons Pak.  These are items that could be fed to a mange ridden, back-alley mutt… then be crapped out and still be just as interesting to me.

Webstor‘s gun, while accurate to the original, just appears too be an ugly design.

Kronis‘ tiny pistol is just that, a tiny pistol.

Beastman‘s whip is a curled up piece of red shame.

Moss Man‘s repainted mace…oh god.  It’s sculpted to look like wood and vines, but has been painted to look like metal!  Ridiculous!

Still not the sword I prefer, but bad-ass nonetheless.  Definitely makes Adam there look like he’s ready for battle.

This is just a great sword.  I wish I had two of them, and it almost makes me want to buy Tri-clops…who I loathe as a character.

Sure, I ragged on most of this stuff.  Some of it deserved it, and I’m sure some of it didn’t.  I totally get the nostalgic reason for the Pak and fully support the decision to bring this and future Paks to collectors.

I just like to bitch about unimportant things sometimes.

* I left out a pic of the Horde crossbow and Scareglow‘s staff.  For general info, both are lumped into the “cool” pile.


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  1. Well, I’m certainly glad that I passed up this one. If it had come with even one unique weapon, I might have been tempted, but of course they couldn’t be bothered with that. And the 200X sword not having its action feature? That’s blasphemous right there! This could have been very cool, but it just seems like for a lazy project they made it still lazier.. sorry you didn’t fall in love with it, but at least you can get some good use out of some of it!

  2. Well, if there’s anything you see that you like Wes, I’ll probably mail it to ya. I literally can’t use 90% of this stuff.

    I’m really liking this blue sword right now though. It’s grown on me.

  3. LJ I’ll happily take anything you don’t want as I was unable to purchase the pack. I might even have an extra MOTUC to trade you!

  4. Thanks for the offer, buddy, but honestly it’ll do well to go to those who are harder ore than I! lol

    You two have fun with your trading! Be home in time for dinner! lol

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