Bucky: Whippin’ Nazis & Takin’ Names

James Buchanan Barnes a.k.a. Bucky.  He’s been sidekick to Captain America, a brain-washed bad-ass named The Winter Soldier, and now this lucky S.O.B is Captain America.  However, this is a toy site (kind of), not a comic book history lesson.

This figure is based off his original look from WWII and comes to me courtesy of Hasbro‘s Marvel Universe series of figures, Wal-Mart, and my wallet.

I’ll go ahead and admit up front that I’m a fanboy for ol’ Captain America Bucky here.  That being said, I assumed this figure was gonna suck.  I came to this conclusion simply by the fact that most of the Marvel Universe figures so far have sucked…and sucked BIG.  You can argue with me on this one, but you’ll only end up feeling ashamed…ashamed and soiled by your lies.  LIES!

The sculpt is fairly strong and is made astounding by the use of an odd collar/front-of-shirt/belt combo he’s got goin’ on.  In package it appeared that having the front of his shirt connected at the collar and belt would restrict movement, but once opened this guy turned out to be the cat’s pajamas (or whatever it is hip kids say nowadays).  The front of his uniform, which is covered in buttons (more on those bastards later) turned out to be a soft rubber much like the capes that have been used for Moon Knight and other M.U. figures.  His articulation isn’t hindered in the least, but IS hidden and is truly bad-ass.

His head looks a little older than the excited youth he originally appeared as in Marvel Comics.  This head sculpt is far more reminiscent of his semi-recent appearance in Wolverine that showcased Logan‘s run-in with Cap and The Winter Soldier Bucky during WWII.  This follows right along with his H.A.M.M.E.R. file card that portrays him as the covert killing machine he was set up as in that story-arc.

See? Told you I was  Cap/Winter Soldier/Bucky fanboy.

Bucky’s articulation has been stepped up from previous waves as well.  He has the same joint placements as all other M.U. figs, but little touches make him better.  For instance, his wrist articulation is at the top of his gloves instead of obvious cuts around his wrists that other figures sport.  The ab-joint, while I love them on figures I buy, is normally unsightly and having the front uniform piece hides it nicely without cutting back on movement. Damn, I REALLY like that collar combo!

As you can see, Bucky comes with a few accessories. Some of course, are more useful to my needs than others.  Here’s a list:

– a nifty black figure stand that sports his name, the Marvel logo, and his 2010 figure number (it’s 10).  The stand is sturdy and holds Bucky up easily, even when posed in a running position.

– a “Top Secret” file folder with a character picture card and a letter to (former) H.A.M.M.E.R. director Norman Osborn and details an old O.S.S. description of the Buckster.

two, count ’em TWO sweet-ass Thompson machine guns. Tommy guns baby!  Bucky can dish out some double-fisted lead to all those Nazis!  Hell yeah Hasbro!  Okay, they’re solid black glossy plastic, and could have used some kind of paint app. You happy now?! You killed my machine gun high…and my love of exclamation points.

You want to hear all the bad stuff now don’tcha?  I knew that complaint about the machine guns would totally get you salivating for me to start spewing vitriol like some kind of Tourettes-afflicted carnival worker.  Okay, let’s get down to the brass tacks shall we…well, more like brass buttons.  The paint job on this guy really suffers.  While Hasbro has possibly picked up a few of their G.I. Joe sculpting team, they also must have picked up some amputated and blind monkeys for their paint crew.

The saddest part is that Bucky is molded in most of his colors.  Literally every single paint app on the figure I purchased had at least a little bleed (or just plain slop).  I still can’t understand how a company with such prolific and money-making lines such as Star Wars and G.I. Joe could keep dropping the ball on Marvel Universe.  It’s not like this is some tiny property. It’s friggin’ Disney now!

There it is, in all it’s shiny, wet, and shivering glory: another review.  Bucky’s figure may have shitty paint, but he still squeaks out ahead of any other M.U. figure to date…of course, I’ve yet to see the Captain America (1940s Steve Rogers version) and the wicked Thor figure from the same wave…


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  1. Wow, this figure has a great uniform… that’s so out of date and to me it seems slightly gay (no offense to any gays out there). I guess he was from an earlier time or something.

    • Yep, straight from the 1940s. You need to read up the classics! 🙂

  2. I’ve been waiting for your next review, and it was well worth it! Great look at ol’ Bucky. They’ve done good and bad with his character, and to be perfectly honest I would have been happy if he had stayed dead, but at least they gave him good sculpt. lol

    • MUCH better than the Marvel Universe figures you reviewed for isitfun.net. He actually is kind of fun. If only I collected 3 3/4″ action figures. I gave him to a good home where he can run free with others of his kind.

      • …and by “MUCH better” I meant Bucky compared to Wolvie and Spider-Man. Not the review. Yours are top notch!

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