Hobotastic a Day!

Hello all.  Lemonjuice asked me to introduce myself, so here I am.

Who am I?  Well, I’m Duke Novelty Nostalgia, although I’ve pretty much dropped my ducal titles these days and go by the name of Nov.  Hey, if Prince and Pink can do it, I don’t see why I can’t.

I started this thing early this year (thanks to advent calendars from 2009) where I was going to open a toy for each day of 2010.  Each opening will be blogged.  This started out on Facebook, then because Facebook kept on changing its setting, I moved into my blog in April.  You can read all about my blog there.  I guess this was about the time that Lemonjuice took notice of my blog and sent me a wedding proposal… wait, no… it was just a friend request on Facebook.  And well, it was only a hop, skip and a leap from there to here, where I’m now blogging on his site.  I have several limitations in place on my blog, so I guess I’ll look forward to reviewing my older stuff here on Hobotastic, or the other blogs that’s part of the Blog Mash Bash.

I had (well, still have, but I don’t maintain it much these days) a toy site – Duke Nostalgia.  It was one of the first sites to feature MotU cardback scans.  That was before the Millennium line of course.  Other things to explore on there are my musings and the Centurions resources.  Anyways, do stick around for the ride (well, hopefully not in the same way Rex was riding Bionatops) and all good feedback (including constructive feedback) are welcomed (at least by myself.  I don’t claim to speak for Lemonjuice).


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  1. Welcome aboard the hobo train! Pick out a boxcar and do some reviews! 🙂

  2. Hey!! He gets his own box car??

  3. Yay, I get a box car. I guess it’s nice to have the keys to the hobo train!

  4. When my childhood friend and I ran wrestling feds with out toys as kids, he had a character named Box Car Willie. He was an old GI Joe Cross Country figure.

    I don’t know how that really relates, but I was just remembering him thanks to this post. The best part was his entrance music, which was some jamming old time harmonica train sounds.

    • That should say “OUR” toys, not out toys. What the hell is an “out” toy? Is Prince Adam an out toy? Yeah, I think he is. The jig is up Adam.

      • LOL. Maybe Evil Lyn should be an out toy 🙂

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