Hobo-Toys: Masters of the Street!

Most times, older action figures are held in high regard. They’re cared for in their old age and spend their lives in relative luxury. However, sometimes things manage to take a turn for the worse and action figures are forced to venture out into the world and deal with life…the hard way.  Missing or alternative limbs are the norm, and selling yourself is just another way to get by.

I recently stumbled upon this former “Master of the Universe” biding his time at a local Peddler’s Mall.  I took him home for a buck. That’s right, I bought him, body and soul for one measly dollar. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Ol’ Trapjaw here has been the victim of back-alley surgeons.  Once he had the most hi-tech robotic arm that Tri-Clops could build, but now sports the right arm of his hated foe He-Man.

Just think, somewhere out there the “strongest man in the universe” cries at night into his stump as he remembers the forceful removal and implantation of his glistening limb onto the body of this monstrosity wearing a hot pink loincloth.

His legs have long ago lost all their usable function, and his crotch around his putrid loincloth is stained a sickly brown.  His jaw flaps loosely; broken, no doubt, by the hard pimp slaps of his various owners.

This Trapjaw figure is truly a Hobo-Toy.


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    • I’ll take that as a compliment. 🙂

  2. Great post! I have a few Hobo toys myself.

    All he wants is love. All you want is your dollar back 😉

    • Thanks. 🙂

      His rubber bands that are in his legs are so cracked and brittle, I expect him to be an amputee any day now…

      • Also, if you’ve got some Hobo-Toys, you should do a post on here for the Blog Mash Bash!

  3. LOL, that is a good buy. I wonder what happened to his arm and attachments…

    • “Eaten” is my guess. Either by a dog, or a teething child.

      • Or both, more than likely. You can only hope the child got to it first.

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