Spawn Series Savage Dragon – Is it..Er.. Uhm.. Hobotastic Toy Review!

*This epic review exists courtesy of Wes Grogan (GRogan) for – Lemonjuice McGee

I want to thank Lemonjuice for setting me up so that I can share his boxcar. It was getting cold in mine! I’m a big fan of Hobotastic Toys, so I’m thrilled to be able to do a guest review as part of the Blog Mash Bash, even if he did have to wait a week for it! In honor of Lemonjuice, I’m taking a look at Savage Dragon, who I’m sure he’ll be more than happy to tell you the history of for hours on end. Don’t ask unless you REALLY want to know. I found this guy at the Mobile, AL Flea Market MoC, or in this case, Mint in Giant Freaking Plastic Coffin. So I’m going to crack open an Amberbock and start this review! Woohoo!

Savage Dragon was part of the Image shake-up of the 90s. I didn’t really get into him much, although he did give birth to one of the most 90stastic toys ever produced, the SuperPatriot! Old Man Ponytail for the win! I mainly remember him having a comic book that was almost always late, and with the super-sharp art of Erik Larsen. Oh, yeah.. and he was a rip-off of the Hulk. Sorry, Lemonjuice, but when I see an advertisement on the back of the package for She-Dragon? Yeah. That’s a rip-off. Thank goodness SuperPatriot wasn’t a rip-off of any well-known American heroes that wear red, white, and blue, right? Heh..OK, enough teasing of Lemonjuice. Let’s look at this bad boy!

This… this is a big toy. I’m just going to put that right out there. This guy is GIANT. He was packaged in a giant plastic coffin that required a blowtorch to get into, but luckily the neighbor serial killer down the street left his out after using it. After wiping it off, I was able to get right at Savage Dragon! Woo! He comes with a giant base that, for some reason, has a Terminator skill on the bottom of it. I had no idea that Savage Dragon fought for the human resistance. I actually thought he was a cop, but that goes to show what I know, right? So why does he come with a stand? Pretty simple.

He is never, ever going to stand up on his own. The legs are just too puny. To be fair, this is how he was actually designed, but it still limits him to basically being a statue with movable arms and a cut waist. Oh, and his head swivels. Even at its best, all the legs can do is swivel below the hips, so it looks pretty funky either way. There is a ton of detail on this guy, though, which is precisely what McFarlane toys has always done best. He might not move, but he looks pretty effing good on the shelf. Hold on. Need another beer.

Yeah, I didn’t mention the ab swivel. Why? Incredibly useless. No real up and down motion and only a little swivel, which could already be accomplished with the wait swivel. And the abdomen is so undefined, you can’t really tell anyway. So that’s just there to break up the sculpt. Mm, beer. A dark wash is used, another McFarlane Favorite, to bring out the details, and for the most part it works. I will say that the paint on this guy is flawless. Perfect. Absolutely brilliant. From the belt loops and buckles, eyes, wall on the stand, to the shoelaces on his shoes, every detail just totally pops. Freaking awesome, man. Freaking awesome.

Oh yeah. And he has a Big Giant Fin on his head. Did I mention that? He does. Despite his entire and total lack of any playability, this guy is guaranteed a spot on my shelf. He comes from a time at the height of McFarlane popularity, just before the backlash over the lack of articulation began to destroy their reputation. The sculpts were at their best and money was thrown at the figures to make sure they were high quality. They definitely did Savage Dragon right. Unlike SuperPatriot, even if he did get rooted hair.

Anyway, that’s Savage Dragon. This is all pretty much just fan service for Lemonjuice and to rub in the fact that I own him and he, probably, does not. Bwahahahahaha! Maybe I’ll just throw him in a drawer and neglect him out of spite. Nah..  I can’t bring myself to do that. This guy is just too awesome.


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  1. Such a niiiiiice Savage Dragon figure… Good Savage Dragon, goooood… Heh heh.

    No, seriously, though… since when did Savage Dragon fight the Terminator? I have no idea what the deal is with that base.

  2. There’s no telling. Savage Dragon has punched so many things to death over the years that it could be one of a million different villains…Plus, this was done for the Image anniversary and I’m not sure if Erik Larsen was even really consulted on it.

    You’re right, I don’t have this version of Dragon, but I’m pretty happy with the Legendary Comic Book Heroes one. His fingers are articulated and he can flip the bird!

    Great review, by the way! Always nice to have Savage Dragon on the site. 🙂

  3. Wow, you can actually flip the bird with that one? That’s pretty awesome.. but still, that’s just too much articulation for me. It’s like the mechanical window on my car.. the old, manual rolling windows worked fine, while the mechanical one I have now has to have a doorstop to keep it shut. Sometimes, I do like simple better. lol

  4. LOL @ the comic at the end. One question still remains, is it fun? LOL.

    • Oh yes, it most definitely is!

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