Baldy & Ol’ Boneface: MOTUC Two-Pack

Man-o-man how time flies! I’ve had these figures for a couple of months now, but have just found time to review them.  There’s just been way too much drinkin’ and fightin’ on my plate recently…

Anyway, this is a review for the Mattel‘s Masters of the Universe Classics/DC Universe Classics (Toys R Us exclusive) two-pack of Skeletor and Lex Luthor.

I found this two-pack crammed on the bottom shelf at the Lexington, KY. Toys R’ Us.  I snatched it up and found myself almost giddy with excitement…musta been from all the paint-huffing or the nostalgia; so, I tossed the cashier a wad of blood-stained cash and made my way back home, thrilled with the find.

This was my first figure of Lex (even though it’s been released tons of times) and also marked only my second MOTUC figure.

Skeletor was freed first, since he was the reason I was so stoked in the first place.  He uses the same mold as the re-issue Skeletor (including better gripping hand), but has a different paint deco and weapon assortment.  Instead of coming with his Havok Staff or half-sword, Skelly is saddled with a transparent-yellow power sword to match his appearance with the included comic book.  At first glance, it appears the sword is just clear plastic but it actually has a nice gold paint app on the handle and hilt.  I would have still preferred a regular gray sword, but what can ya do right?

Mr. Luthor is the exact same figure that was released in DCSH, and more recently in a two-pack with Supergirl (I’m fairly certain).  He comes with 4 different pieces of colored Kryptonite: gold, red, blue, and the always popular green variety.  However, he originally had these pieces of alien rock to insert into his wicked-cool blaster…but this two-pack doesn’t give him the gun. Why? who the Hell knows.  Luckily he’s still able to at least hold the Kryptonite menacingly, or as if he’s grasping a piece of delicious fruit.

Skeletor has a very nice paint app. At first, I figured I’d hate the simplicity, but just have to grin and bare it.  The thing is, I actually think I like it better than the mattycollector version!  That’s right, suck it!  The paint is clean overall with no slop.  Skeletor’s face is a jarring yellow with deep black eye sockets and teeth.  His chest harness and loincloth-thing are a nice deep purple with a light-metallic purple paint on the rivets and “bones”.  While his skin is pale blue with just the lightest hint of airbrushing.  He looks every bit the insane blue-skinned bodybuilder that I remember from my childhood.

He utilizes the same articulation model as all the other MOTUC figures, and that’s just fine by me.  Why mess with near-perfection?

In all honesty, I’m not sure how I’ve made it this long as a collector of DC figures without already having a Lex Luthor figure.  I mean, this guy is one of the biggest villains in their entire f’n universe!  Oh well, that’s all been remedied now. This figure is actually pretty impressive.  His wearing the armor made famous by the Super Powers cartoon, and which has shown up throughout the Superman books in recent years.

Th paint is perfect, which is quite the exception considering how any different colors are used on Lex.  His head is molded in skin-tone, but Mattel went the extra mile and added airbrushing to bring out some of the sculpt and give Mr. Luthor a fine-ass tan.  His upper suit (while massively restricting arm movement) is a lighter shade of green than his arms and legs. The only problem I’ve noticed is that the upper suit and “skirt” are supposed to be the same shade, but that is not the case.  It could be due to the armor being molded in the color while the skirt has been painted, although I’ll just chalk it up to those little bastards in the sweatshop not paying enough attention to their work! Grrrr…lazy good fer nothin’ slave-kids!

Lex has a fully functional ball-joint head. In fact, he has a number of fully functional joints…that aren’t allowed to function thanks to his huge armor!  He ‘s very eye catching, but there’s really no way to pose him dynamically at all.  Too bad he didn’t come with his blaster, cause there’s no way on Earth that Lex can put his arms up enough to punch someone.

He also has a ton of copyright info branded into his lower back like some kind of tramp-stamp tattoo gone horribly more wrong than usual. It’s as if Luthor got trashed on Spring Break and ended up in a Tijuana tattoo parlor with a wad of cash and no idea what to get.

All in all, Skeletor is 10 kinds of bad-ass, even though he doesn’t come with the Havok Staff.  Lex luthor looks the part of a tough guy, but can’t deliver since he really can only kick.  I’d recommend this two-pack to anyone. Hell, it even comes with a crazy 1980s comic where Superman meets He-Man.  Of course, I jacked around so long before doing the review, chances are that it’s sold out. Sorry for letting you down people, but you’ve gotta quit lookin’ to me for all the answers. I’m not a god!…geez, I need to stay away from the airplane glue for a couple of days.


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  1. The Skeletor is awesome as usual, and the review was great. I wish I had these.

  2. Toys R Us have them available sometimes on their website. I think you just have to randomly check it to see if they’re listed…

    • I’ll keep an eye out online as well as in my local TRU (which is a 2 hours drive away *sigh*), but I think it might be faster if I get these from an online store.

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