Vanilla Ice Ice… Skeletor???

Hey all, it’s Duke Novelty here again, guest blogging on Lemonjuice’s boxcar playgound.  It’s the Royals week on Toy a Day and if you haven’t already read it yet, do check out Randor and Keldor, and yesterday’s guest blog on Is it Fun? Shield Strike He-Man.  Today we take a look at the man Keldor has turned out to be, no, not George W. Bush – that’s a heroic supervillian from another line – I’m talking about Skeletor.

Or more precisely, Ice Armor Skeletor, a repaint from the Millennium series of the Masters of the Universe franchise.  Or more particularly a repaint of an alternate (some would call it a variant) Skeletor, which in this case, it’s the Fire Armor Skeletor.  Ice Armor Skeletor replaces the red and orange bits of FA Skeletor with blue and black to create this figure.  Otherwise, like Vanilla Ice, nothing about the figure is original.

The figure comes with two ice blades and a havoc staff with a firing ice ram’s head.  The ice blades and ram’s horns are sculpted from transparent blue plastic which is an interesting choice of material… had it not already been done before – the Fire Armor version has the same transparent plastic, but in an orange color.

The figure himself is a nice repaint of Fire Armor Skeletor – the red loincloth is now black, although the flame motifs and symbols and elements on the loincloth is still there.  Likewise the huge shoulder pads with the transparent plastic flames are still there on the figure, but in this case, the red has been replaced with black and the flames are now ice blue.  And yes, every 80s rapper needs their huge shoulder pads.  The paint on this Skeletor is also rather nicely done – the metallic blue leg guards and the blue-gray body “armor”/paint gives this Skeletor a slightly distinct look.

Being a repaint, this Skeletor features the regular articulation for the line.  However, since the action feature is the firing havoc staff, the articulation is not hampered by the “action feature”.  So you could bend him anyway you want and pose this Skeletor in whatever position you desire.

Comparison time: Repaint.  Tada.  I think the Ice Armor version looks a lot better on Skeletor due to his blue skin.  Don’t ask me if Skeletor has blue balls or not though…


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  1. It definitely looks better than the Fire Armor, and I really liked the pictures of the Fire Armor! I have one variant He-Man so I’m going to allow myself one variant Skeletor. Haha.. I really, really think this would be the ideal one! Another fantastic review. Your writing style really fits well with your boxcar! Love what you’ve done with the place!

  2. LOL, and what would you label to be my writing style/boxcar? And I must be doing a bad job of conveying how horrible repaints are if it makes people want to buy one. LOL.

    • Your writing style is labeled best as “softcore plastic masturbation”. Yep. Let’s go with that. 🙂

      • I don’t want to imagine how that boxcar would look!

  3. Nice review once again! I think this ice armor repaint is way better than the fire version.

    • Well, Ice Armor He-Man was actually pretty awesome, although I’m going to pass on that.. I liked the aesthetic of the Fire Armor Skeletor but prefer the blue color scheme, so yeah.. you actually talked me into looking for a toy (passively at best, however) that you have little respect for. Hehe.

      • Actually, I can’t decide which one I like better now. I’ve both on display side by side on the shelf.

  4. I knew they were repaint crazy in the millennium line, but I didn’t realize they’d even repainted the random variant figures.

    Did they make a red version of Ice Armor He-Man and call him “lava rock armor” or something?

    • Nope, I don’t think so.

  5. I don’t know why, but I’ll always be game for either fire or ice themed figures. Thanks for the review, I didn’t even know about this figure, time to check ebay.

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