Jemm? Really?! :DCUC Wave 15

Holy crap! Mattel has just released images of DC Universe Classics Wave 15.   Apparently, they’ll be K-Mart exclusive for the first month or so before widespread release.  Good for you K-Mart!

Here’s Jemm…ridiculous right? Well, to see some really badass figures, and one more extremely odd one then click below…bitches!

Martian Manhunter

Martian Manhunter (variant)

Starman (Classic)

Starman (Modern)

Golden Pharaoh (Super Powers)


Raven (Fan’s Choice Winner)

Batman (Sinestro Corps…duh!)

Validus (Collect & Connect)

Kind of an odd assortment, but I can dig it.  The Modern Starman figure gives me that slightest ebb of hope that one day we’ll see John Constantine. Keep the dream alive!


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  1. What’s the variant on Martian Manhunter? They look the same to me. And yet another REALLY odd assortment. It’s like they figured out that the casual collector can no longer afford entire waves so they’re just going funky with it.. and is it just me, or does Batman look a LOT bigger there?

    • Martian Manhunter’s head is more elongated on one figure…and he supposedly has a “weapon hand” or some such crap. Batman does seem big, but I’ve though all of his DCUC figures so far were overly muscular. I like the pissed-off face sculpt though.

      • Oh, the face sculpt is excellent and something other than the stoic face we normally get. And I did finally see the MM head being longer, but whatever… wouldn’t care about that variant one way or the other to be honest. This whole series is just kinda meh to me.

      • I REALLY want the modern Starman figure. I need both for the JSA collection, but I’m just thrilled their making less “mainstream” heroes. He walked the line of being a Vertigo character.

  2. Validus! Validus! I can’t wait until his parents show up!

  3. So someone bail me out here… I’m not the only one who wondered where the Holograms were, am I?

    • I think they’re gonna be in a box set with the light and sound Action Stage!

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