Two’fer Review: Iron Man Mark VI

Two! Count em’, two Iron Men!  It’s a battle of epic proportions here people!  I’m sizing up the Marvel Select Mark VI Iron Man against Hasbro‘s own version of the Mark VI from Iron Man 2.


To the victor goes the spoils!…and by “spoils” we’ll assume it’s grain alcohol for ol’ drunky Stark.

As you can see, both of these figures are badass in their own right.  I gladly purchased them with the money I won down at the cock fights before the lawdogs broke up the festivities.

I picked up the 6″ Hasbro Iron Man at Wal-Mart since he’s an exclusive to the “Low Price Leader”.  He cost me around 13 bucks and came with 4 extra hands…and a random missile launcher.

The Marvel Select figure came to me through my local comic shop.  He clocked in at 21 friggin’ dollars! However, he came with 2 extra hands and a kick ass base to stand upon with all his cocky swagger.

Price Advantage: Hasbro Iron Man

Look at that display base though! Christ on a cracker, that thing is fantastic!

Accessory Advantage: Marvel Select Iron Man

Both of these figures have lots of hits and misses with their paint apps.

The Hasbro figure is molded in mostly red, so a lot of the gold has been painted on.  It took me a few pegs worth of these guys to find one with a perfectly centered chest arc.  Don’t even get me started on trying to find a well painted mask.  I guess silver is just a tough color for the slave kids to slop on. Actually, so must gold.  In fact, there are two separate spots (one below the elbow, one covering the lower leg) where gold had been spilled onto the figure and quickly covered with red.  This gives Iron Man a nice fingernail-polish look to his armor since the gold peeks through the red and makes and almost glittery burgundy color.  Sadly, this was not visible through the package.  His extra hands are also shoddy at best, with his right fist being almost entirely black on the handguard.  However, having most of his body cast in the correct colors DOES make it less of a worry that the paint will chip off.  Still, the Hasbro version does look more like a “toy” due to less paint apps.

Diamond’s Marvel Select Mark VI fares a tad better by comparison.  He is almost completely painted.  His colors are vibrant and rich, just like the paint used on the suits for the film.  The details of his armor are outlined neatly.  The face sculpt has been painted with precision and the eyes on Stark’s face aren’t screwed up in the least.  Of course, the painters only had one pair of eyes to paint, since they didn’t deem it necessary to put any paint on the eyes of the face-shield!  Crap!  It’s solid f’n gold!  What the Hell man?!  Also, there were already a shit-ton of scratches on Tony right out of the package. Granted, it’s silver beneath the red, but that’s a small consolation considering how much that drunk bastard cost me!

Paint Advantage: Marvel Select Iron Man (barely)

Articulation has become more and more important to me over the years. I guess I just got spoiled by Toy BizMarvel Legends, but by god I like my toys to move!  Both of these figures have a pretty good range of motion, and can be bent and twisted like a forty-dollar hooker out behind a dumpster.

Hasbro’s Iron Man brings the best set of articulation of the two.  The head moves on a swivel/hinge type joint which allows a really nice range of motion for Stark to look around for cheap broads and booze.  He also scores high points for the double-hinged elbows and knees.  His hips are somewhat bothersome, but the big problem is with his torso joint.  For some reason, the sculptors figured that Iron Man never needed to bend forward…at all.  Overall he’s a cool cat and even features swivel/hinge joints in the extra hands he comes with.

The M.S. Iron Man is a strange bird.  He features way more articulation than most other Marvel Select figures, yet falls short.  Maybe Diamond just doesn’t have enough experience with that sort of thing.  Who knows?…or really even cares enough to ponder it?  Not me, that’s fer damn sure!  Anyway, He can’t look around very much despite the ball-joint neck.  This is due to the chest armor and the back of the helmet blocking movement.  His hands, shoulder, and ankles are ball-joints as well and just don’t cut it.  He has single joint elbows and knees, but they are surprisingly cool.  His hips are…odd…to say the least.  They have a swivel/hinge joint, in a way.  The hinge is all on the inside, so you have to rotate the hips completely around to get movement and then swivel the thighs to make his legs appear the right way.  I dunno, but I think this is probably one of the biggest mistakes in recent figuredom.  The biggest saving grace with this figure is the sweet torso movement.  If the Hasbro Iron Man had accomplished this, it would have been almost perfect.  The Marvel Select Stark also features the positionable faceplate to expose Robert Downey Jr.’s  visage to the world.  It’s held in place by two pegs that are sticking out of the back of the face shield.  The holes they attach into are sculpted into the head and are decently hidden either way the mask is placed.

Both figures feature movable shoulder guards.  Hasbro’s are on a hinge while Diamond’s are on a ball-joint.  They both fall off randomly, but are both necessary evils.  It’s a way better idea than limiting articulation due to sculpted shoulder guards.

Articulation Advantage:  Hasbro Mark VI Iron Man

Even without the articulation, the Marvel Select Iron Man just looks better, as long as the face-shield is up.  There’s just no comparing the paint and sculpting like that.  However, the Hasbro figure is a gazillion times more fun to play with.  Therefore, without further ado, the winner of this little contest is:

The Winner: Hasbro Mark VI Iron Man

Sadly, this review means nothing in the long run.  While Hasbro’s figure is more fun to play with, I need an Iron Man to chill on a shelf and look flirtingly at women.  Therefore, the Marvel Select figure is standing posed on his base while Hasbro’s entry is crammed in a box, sharing stories with the Marvel Legends.


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  1. Great comparison and reviews. I love the hasbro Mark VI, he is just a cool figure and my favorite 6″ Iron Man so far. I ended up getting the Borders Mark IV because I love the armor and I had a coupon that made him $13.00, so I think that was a pretty good deal. You’re not kidding about the hips being a big fail, they are just frustrating.

    • No joke. It’s like they wanted him to stand stiff all the time, yet wanted to tease everyone with unworkable articulation…

  2. LOL. Cock fights. That sounds so gay :p And forty dollars hookers are way too expensive – best spend that money on more toys!

    • A couple of razor-clawed roosters fightin’ to the death? Well, if that’s gay, then I’m one of them there homeo-sextruals I suppose…

      • Hey if you wanna put razor claws on your cocks when you duel, that’s up to you 😉 I’d recommend using protection though 🙂

      • They work for that Battle Cat and Panthor you

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