The amazing web-slinger… no, not Spiderman… who’s this Webstor?

Hey all, it’s Novelty from Toy a Day and this week, we’re doing Creature Feature week as part of MotU May.  I know Lemonjuice probably has a case of blue balls, what with his talking about wide stances and truck restrooms and metaphorical bodyparts, so I thought I’d do (har har) another blue-skinned figure here on Hobotastic to make Lemonjuice ponder about more blue balls.

Yesterday we had the heroic creature with the long appendage – well, size does matter in that case.  Today we have the evil warrior with the many long and thin appendages, aka Webstor.  Despite showing up rather early in the cartoon, Webstor was not made as an action figure, and wasn’t even one of the earlier NECA stactions.  He’s in Series 4, together with Leech and Snake Face.

There are  just three pieces out of the package – Webstor himself, his gun and the usual evil warrior base.  Note that although this looks like an action figure and feels like an action figure, it’s actually NOT an action figure – it’s a statue masquerading as an action figure, or a staction.  Consequently it’s stiff and not too much fun to play with.

Let me start off about the gun.  Yeah, I presume this is the gun that shoots the sticky stuff that should never be swallowed.  Well, the gun is weird, with no trigger and just two holes for Webstor’s finger to go through.  Hmm… there we have the holes and going through holes thing again.

But toys aren’t all about fun, are they?  These days, toys are about sculpt jobs and paint jobs and head jobs and nose jobs.  There’s no difference between an Adult toy and the late Michael Jackson these days.  Although I’m not going to class Webstor as either an Adult toy or a Michael Jackson though.

The figure is nicely sculpted and painted.  The six-pack shows up rather nicely, although why a spider should have a sixpack or an exposed midriff is beyond me.  I guess that’s taking the “if you have it flaunt it” approach too far.  There are spikes on his main limbs (no, not his other appendages, although I don’t really want to find out as well whether he has spikes on his appendage), and these spikes are pointy… and sharp.  They could hurt someone or poke out someone’s eye or something.

The extraneous limbs are just that – spares, and is of little consequence or details.  It’s a pity that this is not an action figure with the extra 4 points of articulation for these spare legs.  Nevertheless, those legs do have some use – as a sort of frame for the web (shown in the photo above)

The backpack on his back is irremovable, but threaded through it is his hook on a line.  The line is relatively long, and I know length isn’t everything, but still, it’s impressive, and thanks to the free movement of the line, it’s actually sorta fun to play with, and is also fun to pose with.  It’s also fun to jack the string in and out  through the backpack again and again as Webstor “climbs” up, “just like you remember it”!

This Webstor is the odd spider-man out when compared with the vintage and the classic versions.  For starters, it’s of a lighter blue.  It’s also hunchback, wears a bra as opposed to a chest harness and seems to have a really hairy pubic area.  Someone should tell him that went out of style a few decades ago.  The extra appendages that were introduced with him has been carried forward to the Classics figure, but thankfully, the horrible gun that came with this figure wasn’t reproduced.  Not really visible in the picture above is the fact that this Webstor, although muscular, is really underfed and looks like a starving yet muscular blue guy from Ethiopia during the drought or someplace ridiculous like that.  Really, despite being a staction, this figure is still so anorexic when compared to his other versions.

However, he’s not too shoddy when placed next to Skeletor, but does run into some sort of problems next to Clawful from the same line (NECA series 1).  Although to be fair, Clawful is a bit big when compared with the other figures of the line, not that size matters in this case.

Lemonjuice tells me I need to post up fun shots.  I think that was his way of asking for pornography, but really, would anyone want to see pictures of Webstor getting down and heavy with Spiderwoman?  I think not.  I’ll leave you guys with my first attempt at a comic.  I’m not good with it, it’s not funny.  But do remember, if you’re gonna make sticky stuff, make sure you use protection… and don’t swallow.


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  1. HAhahaha! You had me laughing all through this review. I always liked Webstor, despite the usual Webster jokes that are made at his expense. A great concept of a figure, though, for what’s basically recycled body parts. And this guy actually helped make the Classics figure better, which is a definite plus!

    • I think it’s funny that my Hobotastic writing style is so different from what I usually do. And it’s fun to write in this style as well. I avoided all the Webster jokes because, let’s face it, that’s been done so often it’s no longer funny. I’m glad you like it – rambling and filled with “plastic porno” as LJ calls it.

      • Great review, as usual! People really seem to like it according to all the clicks today! 🙂

      • Wow, 7th most popular page after a couple of days. Where ever you pimped it, it’s great!

      • I’m like a carnival showman!lol

  2. Why couldn’t the MOTUC figs looks as awesome as these statues? :[ I don’t even like MOTU and I was still willing to pay like $15 for some of those cool 200x MOTU figs.

    Look at this guy, he has a personality! You know sucking your brains out is the first thing on his to-do list!

    • He’s a she, apparently, in the new series. He turns back to a He in the MotUC line.

      • Even sexier!

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