Masters of the Universe’s answer to Doc Ock! Ock? Ockay?

G’day y’all (and apologies to all Aussies and Texans there).  It’s Novelty from Toy a Day again.  Yes I know, I can hear you groaning and rolling your eyes, but hey, if it’s plastic porno you’re after, well you’ve come to the right place.  You guys do know I have to write about these so that Lemonjuice won’t start mounting his TV set to obtain instant gratification.  Yes, he’s weird, but he’s the boss of this place, so I try to keep him happy… no, not in that way… uhhh…

Anyways, today I’m opening Mecha-Armor He-Man and I thought since I last did a Skeletor review here, I would balance him out with a He-man review.  Yeah, Lemonjuice could do with a He-man.  Uh-huh uh-huh.  But I’m not sure I want to picture what he’d actually do with He-Man.

Now Mecha-Armor He-Man is a deluxe figure – which means he costs more than a normal figure.  This alternate figure has a few new body parts and an Egyptian style skirt.  Yes, I mentioned skirt.  It’s weird to see He-man trying to cross dress, but hey, he went from wearing a kilt to this skirt thing now.  I know guys like to air their junk, but this really goes too far.  And I think I just gave Lemonjuice more ideas of how to flaunt it.  Oops.

Actually, the skirt isn’t done too shoddily – I’m glad it doesn’t look too perky like what Wes showed us on Is It Fun? There’s also a long dangling piece of material to cover up He-Man’s privates, although, as I mentioned in my Snakemen review, whoever sculpted this loved to symbolically put pictures of snakes in front of the privates.  Although in this case, it’s the anti-Snakemen logo which has a knife through the snake.  Ouch, that must hurt.

But I’m jumping ahead of myself (and I said ahead, not head, so please don’t get too excited).  He-Man comes out of the package with quite a few bits and boobs… erm… bobs.  Besides a weird golden sword (which is probably ribbed for pleasure) and a gun with a firing missile, this He-Man also has 4 hook things which attaches to his… well, for the lack of a better word, Doc Ock appendages.

This He-Man is still half naked (something I’m sure Lemonjuice will love) and I’ve talked about his skirt, so I guess I should spend some time talking about his chestplate.  Now is it me or is Hordak’s face there on his chestplate?  See it there, on the lower part of the weird insectoid head, which forms the mouthparts of the weird insectoid head.  Now, why would He-Man want an insectoid head as a breastplate?  That’s really beyond me.  The weird breastplate also seem to make his boobs seem bigger, as if he had, well, female boobs.  It’s a weird sculpt I tell ya.  Between the boobs and the skirt, it’s as if someone was trying to make a trannie He-Man.

Now this He-Man has a cord on his back, which when pulled (har har), causes the Doc Ock appendages to close in and “grip” someone who’s standing well, eyeball to eyeball with He-Man.  Now why would He-Man want to drive someone closer to his face, close enough to kiss and/or frut?  This action feature really makes no sense.  At least on Doc Ock, those free moving arms are able to be operated independently to give Doc Ock lots more control (and perhaps pleasure).  Not on this He-Man where the appendages end with a pointy end.

When placed next to Dragon Walker He-Man (which I must say is as tattooed as Lemonjuice), one can clearly see the repaint work and the new stuff.  There’s a bird like helmet on Mecha-Armor He-Man, although I don’t think he needs it (and it makes him looks even more girly).  MA He-Man’s legs are even more bow-legged then usual, and it’s hard to get him to stand on his own, what with all the extra hard-on appendages sticking out everywhere.  The boobplate and the skirt does not help with standing him up either.  I think his favorite position is on his back (heh!).

I’m not sure if Mecha Armor He-Man was designed for Mecha-Bite Battle Cat.  Somehow I don’t think so since the color scheme doesn’t really match – the silver and orange on Battle Cat is different from the silver and orange on the He-Man here.  Nevertheless, this He-Man rides (har har) Battle Cat rather well.   Both, however, have weird oversized parts – the huge jaw on the BC and the weird appendages on He-Man.

As is usual, I leave you with this not funny comic.  Join me tomorrow on Is It Fun? as I ponder the funness (is there such a word?) of Mecha-Armor Skeletor.


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  1. Hahaha! Wow, you really shot down Lemonjuice this time! I’m looking forward to the inevitable review-off between you two to settle the score over who gets the last shot of whiskey! Should be great! And..

    What a FREAKING ODD LOOKING HE-MAN!! What the hell?? That helmet, the armor, the color scheme, the arms.. they look ridiculous! Holy crap!

    • It’s gonna be Thunderdome baby! Boxcutters and doorknobs wrapped in Wal-Mart bags are the weapons of choice. My next Toy a Day will make the world weep. Weep!lol

  2. I can’t wait for tomorrow to come soon enough 🙂

  3. Mecha-Armor Skeletor – Is It Fun?…

    Hey all, it’s Novelty from Toy a Day here again, this time with another Skeletor.  Mecha-Armor Skeletor.  He’s part of Bionic week in MotU May on TaD, and I’ve sorta gotten into the style of writing, or guest blogging, or blosting (wh…

    • LJ, you need to configure the TrackBacks properly. I have no idea how to do it, but it looks a lot nicer on Is It Fun? than on here…

      • That’s how they look on here due to the template. I don’t think it’s much of a problem. Very few people click on the trackbacks.

      • It’s not a click-on thing. Perhaps you could ask Wes to copy his code on his template and then just paste it on here for the talkbacks to show up properly.

  4. If you click on Is It Fun? above the trackback, it goes straight to the review.

    I’ll ask Wes about it though.

  5. Very interesting post! Honest..

    • LOL. Lemonjuice calls my style here “plastic porno”. I just call it Lemonjuice smackdown. You can check out the other articles I’ve written here (the Evil-Lyn is popular for some weird reason). Or you can visit my blog at where I write in a less interesting (and more boring) manner.

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