MOTUC Hordak: Leader of the Evil Whor… Horde

You know you’re a pimp when you have your own face plastered on your armor, your staff, AND your cronies’ armor.  Of course,  your also considered an egotistical mad-man when you do those same things.   That’s right, we’re talkin’ about Hordak from Mattel‘s Masters of the Universe Classics.

Ooh, scary! Click below to read what I think about Skeletor‘s dark master.

Dracula“…that’s what he was, in my young addled brain, as I played with Hordak (and the rest of the original Masters of the Universe) in the dirt out in my backyard.  He was a powerful vampire capable tearing anyone to pieces!  Well, anyone but He-Man of course.  Now, years later I find out this S.O.B. is none other than the mentor to Skeletor, and former archenemy of King Grayskull and He-Ro (and She-Ra, but I don’t give 2 craps).  Neat.

Hordak’s sculpt has a nice amount of originality.  This line is known (and expected) for it’s reuse of parts.  Hordak features a new head (of course), gloved forearms, boots, and feet.  He also shares the same “long” loincloth style of King Grayskull which definitely makes him look that much better.  He also has newly-sculpted armor and a cape w/ cowl.  Oh, and he features a nice little armband that features (an extremely sloppy version of) the bat logo.

Hordak is packaged with enough accessories to give you a false sense of security that Mattycollector didn’t rip you a new one.  He has 3 pieces in the blister with him, plus his armor and cape are removable.

Horde Crossbow:  The go-to weapon of choice for all fine Horde members.  Hordak’s is black with a nice silver dry-brushing effect.  It’s got a pretty tight sculpt and gives the appearance that an arrow is gonna come blasting out of an iron gargoyle’s mouth.  I can’t argue with that!

Hordak’s Bitchin’ Staff:  I’m sure it has a proper name like “The Despondos Rod of Despair”  or some such garbage. All I know is that it’s spiky and has the Horde logo perched atop it.  It has the same nice paint apps as the rest of the figure and accessories.

Winged Demon/Imp/Shaved Parrot: This little guy wraps himself around Hordak’s wrist in a much more convincing manner than the vintage version.  He looks creepy and cut eat the same time, much like those extremely obese baby dolls you pass on the way to the action figure aisle.  His wings are outstretched and his teeth are bared.  He has a nice wash over the red base to bring out the details and fits very tightly on Hordak’s gauntlet, so you need not worry about him falling off or sliding around.

Hordak uses the same articulation base as all MOTUC figures so far, no surprises in that department.  However, while the original figure’s hood was sculpted as part of the head, this new version separates the two.  This allows Hordak to take advantage of the ball-joint neck, although his range is still limited.

There were no loose joints on this figure, but his armband manages to slip off  his bicep every chance it gets.

The paint on this guy really stands out from most other figures in the line.  Like I said with the weapons, he has a nice drybrushing effect over his black armor that gives it a nice “scratched up” look.  The gray of his skin has been airbrushed to help highlight his massive musculature.  Hordak’s face is cleanly done as well.  Overall, there wasn’t any paint slop on this figure, and that’s how it should be seeing as how he costs and arm and a leg.

This evil ruler truly is a Classic.  I’d recommend getting him through whatever means necessary, and as quickly as possible.  Hordak is truly a stand out in a fantastic line of figures… and his pimp hand is strong!


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  1. I’m a bit surprised in a way that they didn’t sculpt the armband on, but then they wouldn’t be able to reuse that arm. Sigh. I dunno.. I was super-huge into the MOTUC for about two months.. then I tried to buy a new release and they lost me entirely. If they put more into stores, I’d consider buying more but I’ll not shop on Mattycollector again and I’m sure as spit not going to go “all in” next year and get every freaking thing they decide to release. And that’s a shame because I freaking love villains, and Hordak and Skeletor are top of that list.

    • bigbadtoystore is a good route to take. You pay a little more than matty price, but they have a good selection.

      • I agree with BBTS. They even do a preorder for the figures. Oh and the reissues/rereleases lasts for days, so if you want the figures, wait until they reissue/rerelease them and then pick them up then.

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