Eternia’s Dumpster Baby: MOTUC Faker

Blue skin, maroon hair, and pink eyes…was Man-At-Arms hopped up on LSD when trying to create a He-Man android? You be the judge.  I’ve already made my own assumptions about Duncan and his penchant for generally mucking things up with his inventions.  Today we’re taking a look-see at the prom-night abortion robot he tossed unceremoniously into the palace dumpster, namely Faker from Mattel‘s Masters of the Universe Classics line of figures.


My First Hobotastic Contest!

You like free shit?!  Of course you f’n do!  Well, unless you’re some kinda sucker!  In honor of…well…myself, I’ve decided to give away some (mostly) cool prizes to one lucky talented bastard reader.

Click “more” for the low-down on getting some free swag.


One good Jokerz deservez another.

Hey all, it’s Novelty here from Toy A Day.  No, Lemonjuice did not die and make me king of his blog and no, I have no idea why I post more often than he does [Quality over quantity. – Lemon J].  He says he’s busy with layouts and whatnot, but I think he’s actually busy being a layabout and busy with his hand on his h***-on, but he’s a guy and a guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do to satisfy his itch, if you know what I mean.  And no, I don’t mean booze either, although I could do with some more of the ambrosia that’s comfort in a bottle [Sweet, sweet, liquid sunshine. – Lemon J].

Anyways, I’m here today to talk about another Joker.  Yes, it may seem that I’m amassing this huge collection of Jokers, but that’s far far from the truth.  No, it’s because Kenner and Mattel has this tendency of adding a bazillion Jokers to go along with their multitude of Batman, and less so of the other Batman villains.  Someone should really go and give a big slap to whoever was in charge of the Batman line.  I vote we send Lemonjuice. [My pimp-hand is strong! – Lemon J]

This is the toy I’m opening today.  Yes, it’s another Joker from Batman Beyond.  This one though, is not a Virtual Joker.  Instead he’s a Jokerz with a “Z” at the end of his name.  I wonder what does the Z stand for… zero maybe?  Definitely not Zorro.


My Winnings!

Well, looks like I went and won myself a fancy new Kotobukiya Art FX Statue of Yoda!  It comes courtesy of the recent contest that was held on and is probably the first toy I’ve ever gotten for free (that I wasn’t forced to pry from the cold dead hands of an opponent).

Click below for what I think about this shriveled up piece of plastic Jedi master.


There’s no Adam Strange-r than a Starfire

Hey all, it’s Novelty here, and I guess you already know me well enough for me to not tell you that I normally blog on Toy A Day (which y’all are reading daily right?) and that I’m opening a toy for each day of 2010, and that sometimes I will take the opportunity to write about them here.  Well, it’s your lucky day today, because I’ve chosen to write about Lemonjuice’s sex life here.  Well, basically he doesn’t have one that’s worth talking about.  Now that’s out of the way…

One of these days Novelty, I’m gonna sober up and hunt you down like a dog. No idea when though… – Lemon J


Lean, Mean, & Green: Abe Sapien

“Gentle Giant made Hellboy Animated figures based off of the animated movies?! What the shit?!”, blurted out Mr. McGee , heedless of the people around him in the store.

And so begins an awesome tale of adventure and daring-do the likes of which haven’t been seen in ages. It also leads into this review for Gentle Giant Ltd.‘s figure of Abe Sapien from the Hellboy Animated movies.


DCUC Manbat: He’s a Man AND a Bat…

…pretty simple explanation right?  Who cares that he’s a scientist named Kirk Langstrom that accidentally (depending on the version) turned himself into this monstrosity?  Tragic villains are for pussies! He’s a big-ass bat, and that’s all you need to know!  This is my pathetically fashionably late review of Manbat from Mattel‘s DC Universe Classics.


M.U. Iron Man: To The Extremis!

Anthony Stark is a lover of women…many women.  He’s bagged every chick from Black Widow to She-Hulk.  I doubt he’s a stranger to venereal disease, so having the Extremis virus musta been a nice change of pace from chlamydia.  It also scored him a sweet-ass set of armor, and this figure from Hasbro‘s Marvel Universe line fully represents it.  That’s right, this is the review for Iron Man: Extremis Armor.


Gallery of DCUC with Spy Monkey Creations Shields

Hello all, Novelty here from Toy A Day.  I recently received the 5 Shields of Deliverance from Spy Monkey Creations.   I reviewed these sheilds on Toy A Day, so go there to read about them.  Since it was Justice League June on Toy a Day, I had these DCUCs sitting around, so I thought I’d photograph them and display them here.  I hope Lemonjuice does not mind me doing so.

*”I don’t give a sack full of crap whether you post something on here! It’s not like I can’t just erase it at a whim! Muwahahahahahahahaha!” – Lemon J


Neca’s Dante: The Devil is in the Details

Sometimes when I’m trashed on paint thinner and Drain-o, the Devil appears and chases me to the county line.  He screams something about collecting on a debt or some such, and I always end up having to fight him off with incantations and a rusty broadsword.  That being said, it’s nice to have a little back-up in the form of Dante from Neca‘s Player Select line of figures.