DCUC Darkseid: Killing Gloves Are For…Killing!

Killing is what Darkseid does.  In fact, he does it so well that he’s attempted to kill the entire DC universe…on many, many occasions.  Today, we’re celebrating the leader of the dark New Gods with this review of Darkseid from Mattel‘s DC Universe Classics.

Darkseid was the Collect & Connect figure in Wave 12 of DCUC.  That means it takes 6 different figures (some a lot less wanted than others) to complete the Dark Lord of Apokolips.  Of course, this also means that he can break the bank if purchased all in one shot.  Plus there’s the downside of having to actually own Eclipso.

The coolest part of this C&C is that he comes with an extra hand.  However, this isn’t just an ol’ hand, no sir.  It’s the Killing Glove! Straight out of Jack Kirby‘s brain comes this badass device of destruction!  Simply pull off the right gloved hand and snap the Killing Glove into place.  He also features a Mother Box that clips on the back of his belt.  What does a Mother Box do?  Hell if I know, but I think it’s basically a super A.I. or some such.

Ta-da! All put together, Darkseid is quite an intimidating individual.  He towers over other DCUC figures, as well he should.  Those red eyes and thigh-high boots would land him chicks in any corner of the galaxy.

He manages to have all of the usual DCUC articulation, with one exception.  He has ball/swivel hips.  They’re a lot like the ones Hasbro use for their 6″ figures … but they’re executed much better here.

The paint is sparse, but it’s done very well.  All of the blue on Darkseid’s torso, and helmet is simply the color that the plastic was molded in.  There is slight airbrushing on the torso, but it is much more prominent on the gloves and boots.  His eyes are a vibrant red and really stand out.

Darkseid’s skin is where the paint really shines.  The rocky cracks and breaks in his skin are filled with a darker gray to help give it depth.  I was surprised at just how well this C&C figure is done.

Overall, Darkseid is a fantastic action figure that all other DCUC figures should bow down to…if they know what’s good for them!


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  1. Hmm? No mention of booze or women? No inane rambling? I want my Lemonjuice back! What did you do to my Lemonjuice, you imposter???

    • Sorry, I was obviously under the effects of the anti-life equation. Damn you Darkseid!

  2. I did not plan on getting this guy, as I already have the DCSH version (which was a chore to find in stores a couple of years ago, and I finally found it in a ghetto Target where other collectors dare not travel). That old figure is great on his own: tremendous sculpt, good articulation, great paint, but the head is a little too small for the body, and the body is a little too small compared to other figures.
    After reading a few reviews I broke down and won one on ebay. I’ve gotta say, he is pretty awesome. I think he is a little too big, but it is not as bad as I thought it would be. It is nice to have him larger than Kalibak who has always been my favorite C&C figure from the DCUC line, but Darkseid might actually take that title, I haven’t quite decided yet.

    • I completely agree. Kalibak is truly awesome, but needs to be dwarfed by his daddy.lol

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