No Funny Business For This (Virtual) Joker!

Hey ho!  And by ho I don’t mean whore, so please don’t think I’m calling out Lemonjuice!  By ho, I don’t mean Thundercats x3 Ho! either (although if you haven’t already seen it, there’s a preview picture of the staction from Icon Heroes).  By ho, I just mean hello.

Now with that out of the way, (phew!) this is Novelty from Toy A Day blogging here as part of Blog Mash Bash, of course.  If you haven’t already read it yet, go read what Lemonjuice wrote about DCUC Joker on Toy A Day, which is at the moment going through its Justice League June month.  I thought I’d return the favour here on Hobotastic and do a quickie… review that is for another Joker.  Which Joker am I talking about?  Well, the picture below should give you a clue.

Virtual Joker

Why the virtual Joker, of course, from Batman Beyond.  What’s a Virtual Joker?  I have no idea.  I’ve never watched Batman Beyond ever and only got this because it was marked down real cheap.  Perhaps Lemonjuice would be able to explain what’s this Virtual Joker relation to the Joker from the normal DC Universe.  I can’t.  But hey, take two shots of some nice Southern Comfort and it won’t matter anyways.

Virtual Joker bits

Virtual Joker comes in three pieces, a huge head thing and two wings/legs.  The pieces are sculpted from transparent plastic, and paint has been applied on the head to give more detail to it.  The packaging is weird – the tray is glued onto the card and it was a pain to remove without destroying the front of the card.  There’s also a hole in the card to allow one to hold the figure to the light and see … I have no idea what.  I guess Hasbro was more drunk than Lemonjuice on a Friday evening when they were making the card design.

Virtual Joker grin Virtual Joker engines

The head is nicely painted – the lips are bright red, just the way Lemonjuice likes lips, and the teeth are painted in a nice enamel white.  The wash that they gave the face is a stroke of genius as it fades to the transparent green near the back.

What’s nice about the head are the guns in front and the engine at the rear (which seems a bit phallic, as if this is the reproductive organ of the virtual creature).  the engine at the back hides its action feature, which when the batlink is connected, lights up the figure.  Alas, I do not have a batlink, so I can’t test it out.  But if you want to see a lit-up Lemonjuice, just head over to his boxcar after he’s had his dinner.  He’s got this white trash habit of sitting outside his boxcar after dinner in his not-so-whitey-not-so-tighties with an after-dinner fag.

Virtual Joker Legs/Wings

The legs are attached to clips on the side of the head and give the figure two out of its three points of articulation.  (The third point of articulation is the spring-loaded hinged jaw, which is literally nothing to write about, unless I want to make a joke at Lemonjuice’s expense, but I decided it’d be best to let him off the hook and leave his secrets to some future blog posts).  The articulation points allow the legs to fold up to become wings, well, with a bit of imagination, something I’m sure Lemonjuice has a lot of.  There’s quite a bit of sculpted details on these legs/wings which gives them some character, and there’s even a molded gun muzzle at the tip which rates highly in my book.

Blight Virtual Joker

The figure is tall when compared with the other stuff in the Batman Beyond line.  I only have a gitd Blight though as shown above.  I’m not sure if they fit in with each other despite the fact that they are from the same line.  It’s like placing Lemonjuice with the Chip and Dales … erm… Chippendales.  *hic* Who finished my bottle of comfort?

DCUC vs Virtual Joker

What this figure does seem to badly fit in though, is with the DCUC lines.  I’ll leave it up regular readers to use their imagination regarding what Batman is saying to that virtual Joker there in that picture above.   Probably something about blowing or giving big heads.  And with that, it’s time for me to head out and look for more booze… or pass out, whichever comes first.


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  1. Nice review. That is an odd, odd figure.

    Batman Beyond is incredibly awesome though, and I highly recommend it. I’m pretty sure the entire series can be purchased on DVD.

    I think this figure is if the Joker after his consciousness was uploaded into a computer mainframe. I can’t really remember…to much glue since then.

    • I’ve got to watch Batman Beyond one of these days. Terry as Batman would probably be as interesting as Dick.

      • It was a pretty good show. I saw they’ve got it on instant Netflix so I might give it another watch sometime soon…

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