The Jokes On You!

Cause there’s no review here today, suckas!  However, I guest-blogged over at Toy A Day as part of the Blog Mash Bash.  Check out my review of Mattel‘s DC Universe Classics figure of The Joker.  Click the link below the pic to read all about the Clown Prince of Crime.

DCUC Joker Review


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  1. And it’s very well done review, complete with your usual ‘tude. All part of Justice League June too! One good Joker deserves another! Watch for my next review here!

    • Thanks. He was surprising with just how nice of a throwback to Super Powers he was. I honestly didn’t think that the exclusive wave would include a figure as important as the Joker, much less with so much new sculpting.

  2. Joker’s a really nice figure, easily one of the best in DCUC. I didn’t mind paying a little extra to get him off eBay.

    • You’re right, he IS one of the best figures in DCUC so far…definitely in my top 5.

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