Neca’s Dante: The Devil is in the Details

Sometimes when I’m trashed on paint thinner and Drain-o, the Devil appears and chases me to the county line.  He screams something about collecting on a debt or some such, and I always end up having to fight him off with incantations and a rusty broadsword.  That being said, it’s nice to have a little back-up in the form of Dante from Neca‘s Player Select line of figures.

Actually I’m just screwin’ with ya!  Dante can’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag.  Wanna know why?!  Cause his massive Death’s Scythe broke right out of the f’n package, that’s why!  I kid you not, that brittle piece of crap snapped right at the hinge where the blade hooks to the handle.  Of course, as you’ll see, Dante is all show when it comes to kicking ass.

On first inspection, Dante gives the impression of complete and total bad-assery.  He’s based off his looks in the video-game, Dante’s Inferno.  In package, he appears to be the perfect representation of a demon-slaying bastard that kills babies spewed forth from a demon’s nipples (I shit you not, it’s in the game).  Even when first opened, Dante still has a total “wow factor”.  Your balls will tighten and any women within a twelve foot radius are guaranteed to moisten their panties at the mere sight of this plastic crusader.  His sculpt is incredibly accurate and detailed to the tiniest degree imaginable on a figure of this size.  Everything from the chain-link helm to the drawings on his chest-cross-thing are present and accounted for.  The sculpt and paint could not have been any better. I mean that. Neca really knocked it out of the park with the way Dante “looks”.  Too bad the rest of him falls short.

Dante is packaged with a couple of accessories:

Death’s Scythe:  In the game you kill death within the first 5 minutes or so and commandeer his sweet sickle.  It’s made from some poor bastard’s spinal cord and various bones and whatnot.  The figure’s version (that, again, broke instantly! Arrrggghhhh!) is made from two different materials.  The handle is constructed with rubber that has a bendable wire inside, giving you the ability to shape it however you see fit.  I fashioned mine into a “u” shape so I could simultaneously poke out both my eyes after witnessing the horror of this weapon’s brittle construction.  The blade area is fashioned from unbelievably thin and weak plastic…but it sure has a nice paint job!

Extra Right Hand:  This hand is very close to the right hand he already has.  It’s simply sculpted to better hold the cross that comes attached to Dante’s belt.

Dante incorporates a few different materials into his construction.  While his base body is made of tough plastic, his helm, armor, straps, and torn tunic/skirt are made of a pliable rubber.  It’s soft enough to allow movement, but not so much that it warps.  Attached at either wrist are two shredded strips of cloth.  They’re red and are the extensions to the strips running up his arms and sewed violently to his chest.  They’re are even small plastic crosses attached at the bottoms of the cloth which helps weigh it down.

The Good News:  Dante is one of the most articulated figures that I’ve ever seen from Neca.  Shit, I’ll even try to name most of them.  Let’s see, he’s got a ball-jointed head, ball/hinge shoulders, ball/hinge elbows, ball/hinge wrists, hinged ab-crunch, swivel waist, swivel/hinge hips (like DCUC), mid-thigh swivel, ball/hinge knees, & ball/hinge ankles…whew, that’s plenty of movement possibilities right there!

The Bad News:  He still doesn’t move more than an arthritic turtle!  Somehow, the sculptors made a malicious game out of trying to keep the articulation as non-usable as possible!  He can only be posed in a few basic positions (which you’ve seen in these pics) that just don’t do this sculpt justice.  His knees are ball-hinge joints, yet the cut is so shallow that his legs pretty much stay straight even when bent fully.

Dante would be categorized in the “fun to pose, not fun to play with” category…if he were much fun to pose.  Still, he IS a beautifully sculpted and painted figure; but, that doesn’t mean much when the Devil comes a’callin!


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  1. Wow, talk about not fun! That’s terrible… they need to just make damned statues and get it over with! hehe

    • Their figures DO look fantastic, but I don’t like being tricked into buying them with “false” articulation.

  2. I’ll probably still buy him, he’s that cool looking. I have the game sitting on my night table waiting to be played. I hear it’s not bad.

    • I found him at Toys R Us for 13.99, not bad. I probably wouldn’t have been so hard on him if his weapon hadn’t broken. He looks good standing around.

      • If you spot any more Jokers at walmart, grab me one! Cost and shipping are on me. There might even be a Havoc staff in it for you!

      • Sorry man, I had that Joker for a long time before opening him. However, just like most of my figures, he’s up for trade…

      • Why are most things up for trade? Drop me an email:

      • Cause the world is best when ran on a barter system…just like Bartertown and, to a lesser extent, The Thunderdome! 🙂

      • Alright, what do you want for Joker? (Don’t forget, Bartertown runs on pig shit)

      • Very I’ll message you tomorrow afternoon with my list of demands…err, wants.

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