DCUC Manbat: He’s a Man AND a Bat…

…pretty simple explanation right?  Who cares that he’s a scientist named Kirk Langstrom that accidentally (depending on the version) turned himself into this monstrosity?  Tragic villains are for pussies! He’s a big-ass bat, and that’s all you need to know!  This is my pathetically fashionably late review of Manbat from Mattel‘s DC Universe Classics.

Kirk (one of the many monikers I’ll be using for Manbat in this review) was released last year as part of the Wal-Mart exclusive Wave 10 of the DCUC figures.  He was such a pile of plastic bad-assery that he was never even opened…until now.  My first impression? Holy Hell, that is one damn fine action figure!  He is a completely new sculpt from top to bottom…well sort of.  They released him previously at SDCC, but he was painted white…and that is dumb.  Don’t argue; instead,  just accept that releasing an albino Manbat long before ever releasing the regular version was a dick move.  Anyway, the sculpt on Batty McGuano is truly a showcase of the 4 Horsemen‘s talent.  The sculpted textures on the hair, wings, and even his torn jeans are well beyond what we usually receive from DCUC.

Manbat could have very easily been a Collect & Connect figure.  He’s huge thanks to his wings and “dog” legs.  He was really cramped up in that blister package and I’m surprised he didn’t come out all warped due to the rubbery plastic his arms are made of.  Yep, he’s got rubbery arms, and while this would normally be a point to piss and moan about, it definitely works in this instance.  The huge wings would be way too unwieldy and heavy if made from a harder ABS plastic.  However, the rest of him is constructed from the usual hard plastic that DCUC figures are generally made from, except for this cool trail of hair on his back which is a rubber piece that has been glued securely on.

He only comes with one accessory, and that’d be the left arm of Imperiex.  It’s an arm, yadda, yadda…and I’m not going into detail about it!  Instead lets check out Kirk’s fancy-schmancy new articulation, shall we?

Manbat features a ball-jointed neck (which only rotates due to the figures hunchback), ball/hinge shoulders, upper-bicep cut, hinged elbows, ball-hinge wrists (always a nice addition!), ab-crunch, swivel waist, swivel hips (odd that the hip articulation was lowered), hinged knees, and finally hinged calves/lower legs/crazy ankles.  That’s more than enough articulation points to cover all your strange and morally-bankrupt desires of bestiality…you sick bastards.

The paint on this hairy s.o.b. is very detailed.  He’s a basic brown, but a lighter tan has been drybrushed over him to bring out the look and detailing of his “fur”.  The wings are molded in an almost opaque brown and the darker brown of the arms is blended nicely to them thanks to some hot-shot airbrushing.  His modesty-saving jeans are painted a bright blue with a darker blue airbrushed to define the muscles and rips in the cloth.  His claws and teeth are black and off-white respectively, and feature crisp lines.  As an adult-film director artist I really appreciate a good paintjob, and I think Dr. Langstrom has one of the best I’ve seen in the entire DCUC line so far.

Manbat has quickly become one of my favorite DCUC figures, simply because of the sheer horror of the sculpt.  He looks like he could just start moving on his own and attack me during a mescaline-fueled fever dream.  You might have trouble finding a cheap version of this guy on the secondary market, but he’s well worth it.

No point in mentioning these bats, I thought.  Poor bastard will see them soon enough. – Hunter S. Thompson


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  1. I like the Nightwing picture and the way he’s posed. Of course, you would have to deliberately position his left fist so that it covers your favourite part 🙂 You can still be an adult film director. Just do some layouts with Evil-Lyn 🙂

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