Lean, Mean, & Green: Abe Sapien

“Gentle Giant made Hellboy Animated figures based off of the animated movies?! What the shit?!”, blurted out Mr. McGee , heedless of the people around him in the store.

And so begins an awesome tale of adventure and daring-do the likes of which haven’t been seen in ages. It also leads into this review for Gentle Giant Ltd.‘s figure of Abe Sapien from the Hellboy Animated movies.

Gentle Giant is best known for making a massive amount of WWE (the license has now moved to Mattel) and UFC figures for Jakks PacificMezco was the maker of all things “Hellboy” from the movie, comics, etc.  However, at some point, things went all topsy-turvy and Gentle Giant decided that paranormal detectives were worth looking into as their own first-party figure offerings (non-statue wise)…and holy hell I’m glad they did!  I’m just gonna go ahead and tell you bastards right now that I love this figure! (Don’t judge me.)  Jesus, just looking at this pile of plastic-crack makes me wanna punch a kitten and take a swig of turpentine!

Ol’ Lemonjuice just happens to be a massive fan of the entire Hellboy universe, and Abe Sapien in particular.  Dark Horse Comics has scored a fair share of my ill-gotten gains thanks to the mysteries and adventures of the B.P.R.D. (Bureau of Paranormal Research & Defense to all you uninformed malcontents).  While there have been previous figures based on Abe’s appearances in the comics and two blockbuster movies (all from Mezco), this version really hits home to me as the all-around coolest version to date.

The sculpt for this figure is dead-on from it’s source material.  the animation was a mix between anime and the (much-loved) Bruce Timm styles.  From the sharp angles to the tiny legs, this figure is one of the best representations of animation that I’ve seen, especially considering all of the articulation that they managed to work in.  Gentle Giant is known for their laser scans, and it makes me wonder if this isn’t made from a scan of the maquette that animators use for reference…hmm. Oh well, I’ll never know, mostly due to my laziness in actually tracking down the answer.

As you can see, Mr. Sapien was packaged with a number of accessories.  Lets list ’em in the usual list-like fashion shall we?

Pistol: Looks to be a stylized version of a Glock.  It’s standard issue for government agencies…and monster hunters.  It’s made from sturdy plastic and came packaged in his hand wrapped in a clear rubber band.  Thanks to the hefty construction, the gun didn’t warp unlike most accessories packaged this way (I’m lookin’ at you Mattel!)

Figure Stand/Clear Rod – Classy. That’s how I’d describe this figure stand…if I were suddenly surrounding by chain-smoking debutantes that were asking about action figure stands.  It’s a basic black base, but features the Hellboy Animated logo.  The logo is sculpted onto the stand giving it a much nicer appearance than you’d expect.  Normally there would be feet pegs, but due to Abe’s tiny shoes there is instead a clear rod…that sticks right up in Abe’s taint. I kid you not.

“Pissed off” Head:  Teeth gritted and ready for some ass-whoopin’!  The extra head that comes with Abe gives a little more emotion than you normally see out of the guy.  He’s generally pretty calm, even when faced with Wendigos or the ghost of his (supposed) wife. It snaps easily onto the ball-joint and there’s really no sense that it’ll fuck up and break anytime soon.

Extra Hands:  These are “open” hands.  They work well and plug into his wrists.  the paint matches the rest of the figure, and the hinge joint works well.  There was some extra mold residue on one of the pegs, but it came off with the scratch of a fingernail.

Decapitated Ghost Head:  It’s f’n cool and looks eerily like some sweet Mike Mignola art…here’s a pic:

Yep, Abe’s add-ons are character specific and are very well done.  More companies could learn from a release like this.

Next up, let’s talk articulation.  Abe Sapien has been granted quite a bit of movement by his generous sculptors.  All of his joints are tight as well, so there’s no worry about him over.  He manages to balance on those tiny feet pretty well.   You wanna know what each articulation point is?! Well, you pesky shit, I’ll tell you.  He’s got a Ball-jointed upper neck, ball-jointed lower neck (TWO NECK JOINTS!), ball-joint shoulders, bicep swivels, double-hinged elbows, swivel/hinge wrists, hinged ab-crunch, swivel waist, ball-joint hips, upper-thigh swivels, double-hinged knees, swivel calves, hinged ankles, and swivel feet.  Damnation, that’s plenty of articulation, whether you wanna pose Abe fighting evil, or just work him into your foreplay with a tube of grease and a one-armed Thai prostitute.

The paintwork by Gentle Giant is also above average.  It’s generally simple coloring, which is to be expected from an animated-style character, and is applied cleanly and without slop.  the tones match up over the entirety of the character as well.  I would have preferred the pants to have a more matte finish than the gloss that was used, but that’s just opinionated bitching.  Luckily, this is MY site and my bitching is proven to be sound!  The regular head that was on Abe has a scratch on one of his eyes.  This lets a little green show through and makes it look like he has a pupil…which he does NOT. It’s a 2 second remedy to this, but I didn’t do it before snapping the pics.  I was a little pissed to have a scratch  on him before even opening him up…

Abe was a surprise; but, unlike most toys, he was a welcome one.  Gentle Giant only made 3 figures altogether: Abe Sapien (animated), Hellboy (animated), and Hellboy (movie version).  I highly suggest tracking these things down.  If you don’t, you might wanna question your sanity.  Perhaps Cthulhu has driven you to madness, in which case I’ll be over shortly to beat you to death with a sack full of doorknobs as your loved ones watch in unspeakable horror.  I mean it.


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  1. I love this figure and the animated hellboy. The only problem I had with Abe was that his calves looked like they were switched on mine, so I swapped the legs around, and I guess they were right the first time, but never the less they just didn’t look right. However, he is still an awesome figure.

    • The calves do look a little off. I blame it on the fact that they look like a couple of matchsticks, of course being a skinny guy myself, I can totally relate.lol

      I like this figure so much that I actually went back to Hastings and picked up the last one they had…just in case something happened to my opened one sometime down the road.

      • Yeah man, just paint this guy in flesh and he’d be a perfect representation of you, gills and all! You drink so much booze that you practically breathe liquids anyway!

      • Comparing me to Abe?…You hittin’ on me Nightmare?! Cause I’m all business on here!lol

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