My Winnings!

Well, looks like I went and won myself a fancy new Kotobukiya Art FX Statue of Yoda!  It comes courtesy of the recent contest that was held on and is probably the first toy I’ve ever gotten for free (that I wasn’t forced to pry from the cold dead hands of an opponent).

Click below for what I think about this shriveled up piece of plastic Jedi master.

Yoda arrived in a nice window box that featured his dismembered corpse inside.  After removing over twenty-seven thousand plastic ties, I was able to free Yoda from his plastic tray.  Assembly was simple and the parts snapped together very tightly.  After putting him together, and downing half a bottle of nail polish remover mixed with Kool-Aid, I sat and stared for what seemed like hours.  I received absolutely no knowledge of the Force.  You’re a shitty teacher Yoda! Your picture-shows are full of lies!

Then there’s the pointing.  Master Yoda is constantly pointing at things.  I move him around and take him outside…yet he still points.  What does he want?! Quit taunting me with your madness!

Thanks a lot Wes for sending me this guy! If you couldn’t tell, that last statement is dripping with sarcasm.  I’m now like an indentured servant to this diminutive, green cocksucker.  Every waking moment is spent catering to his every whim! Gah! What evils have I done to deserve such a life?!

Still, as far as statues go, he is pretty nice.  The paint is spectacular and he has that perfect The Empire Strikes Back feel about him.  Now if only I could bring myself to kick him out…damn those puppy dog eyes! *Hic*


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  1. Hahaha, more than happy to screw you over, my friend! Absolutely my pleasure! In all honesty, glad you like it! And yeah, there were a TON of twisties!

    • He’s a very nice display piece, small enough to not take up too much space, but larger than an average figure by far…

      • He’s actually in scale with my giant Vader, which is nice, but he is on display in my father’s room and fits in perfectly with his other, non-geek displays. Just a beautiful work.. Kotobukiya is incredible when they’re on their game.

  2. The pictures are awesome. I’m glad you won this.

    • Thanks. He photographed well due to his larger size.

  3. Wow I realised your pictures are crazy big once you click on them! Congrats on the win again

  4. Oh, and on a side note…keep checking the site cause pretty soon I’ll be hosting my own contest. Not sure if it’ll involve nudity…you’ll just have to wait and see.

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