Eternia’s Dumpster Baby: MOTUC Faker

Blue skin, maroon hair, and pink eyes…was Man-At-Arms hopped up on LSD when trying to create a He-Man android? You be the judge.  I’ve already made my own assumptions about Duncan and his penchant for generally mucking things up with his inventions.  Today we’re taking a look-see at the prom-night abortion robot he tossed unceremoniously into the palace dumpster, namely Faker from Mattel‘s Masters of the Universe Classics line of figures.

Yep, he’s  just a big, discarded,  muscle-y robot that couldn’t pass for He-Man unless someone was color blind.  Oh, and then Skeletor goes rummaging through the trash and decides What the Hell, let’s give him a shot?…ridiculous.  However, sometimes ridiculous characters are the figures I dig the most.  I’m still on the fence about Faker being weird, or being so weird he makes his way back around to being cool.

The sculpt is completely re-used. All of it…and it strangely works.  Let’s face it, he’s a duplicate of He-Man and that sonuvabitch has a damn fine sculpt.  He’s wearing Skeletor’s chest armor as well, so he’s got the best of both worlds.  This line is known for re-using parts anyway, and Faker just happens to be the re-use champ! So suck on that Keldor! At least you got a new head!

The paint is where this guy just happens to go above and beyond.  Sure he’s molded in most of the colors, but this figure manages to score something that most other MOTUCs lack…paint washes!  The hair, chest armor, loincloth, and boots all benefit from the darker colors being rubbed into the plastic, causing the sculpt to really pop.  The wrist band, bracer, and belt feature a cool metallic look thanks to a black base coat with silver dry-brushed on to highlight the details. The slight airbrushing on his skin is just icing on the cake to make Faker more than the average “repaint” also.  The only negative thing I’ve noticed is that since the head was painted, it seems to have an almost chalky texture, which leads me to believe he’ll get scratched up faster than greased-up blind guy in a room full of starving prostitutes…that have razorblades taped all over their naked, mole-covered bodies.

He does feature a nice little surprise beneath his armor in the form of a paint decal that mimics the stupid-looking control panel/tape deck the figure was blessed with in the 80s. Yeah…

Accessory wise, Faker comes up rather short.  He’s only packaged with an orange Power Sword, and an orange half-Power Sword.  Look, I’m not gonna even go into this.  He’s got the same shit that He-Man does, alright?! Pay attention!  Same articulation too…okay, this review is grating on my brain now.

This review will have to be short and not-so-sweet.  This sack of kittens isn’t gonna get tossed into the river all by itself, so I gotta go.  Faker is insanely colored and doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.  Yet, he’ll still find a place amongst my action figure armada thanks to his flamboyant ways and that hilarious sketch that he starred in on Topless Robot.  Anybody that calls out Teela on her “boobies” is okay in my book!


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  1. “Who Prince Adam?”

  2. *sigh* TRU He-Man *sigh*

    • TRU He-Man has become one of my favorite figures… and I scored him through a trade with Reverend Ender! 🙂

      • LOVE the TRU He-Man. I have zero desire to own the other one. The paint job on this one is so much better, photos just don’t do it justice. I love that Faker got the same kind of detailed paint treatment.

      • Can’t reply directly to Wes GR’s comment, so I’ll to this one: I completely agree that TRU He-Man is the best! But I disagree that photos don’t do him justice. I did a review some time back.

        …Shameless self promotion. 😛 Thanks for allwoing it if you do, LJ!

      • Not a problem…although now I think you owe me a review on here…

  3. Heh, Faker looks like one of my less-sucky customs…except for the clashing colors of course, but I love silver, purple, and orange anyway!

    • I was wondering if perhaps Man-At-Arms skinned one of Panthor’s cousins for the furry briefs and boots…

  4. You have to love this guy! I scored the reissue this month at Matty. I didn’t review him, but I did post a review on his axe from Spy Monkey yesterday and he’ll be featured in a comic this Friday.

    The paint work is awesome! I especially like the work on his forearms and belt.

    • Cool, I’ll be sure to check it out.

  5. See what you did, Lemonjuice? Now I gotta get him! Thanks God I already have TRU He-Man. And yeah, Faker should have come with more stuff, even if it were fake stuff!

    Great review! 😉

    • Thanks Ewan!…you ass kisser, you! 😉

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