The Dragon Drank My Beer…

…and I’m pretty sure Faker snatched all the gin.

With these dastardly developments, I’ve not been updating regularly with my tyrannical nonsense about toys and the like.  Things will be back to normal soon, as I have just concocted a mixture of fermented saliva (that I forced from an albino prostitute) and good ol’ fashioned diesel fuel.  Give it a few days and the reviews (and delusions) shall commence once again!


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  1. Is this the first post tagged with “fermented saliva?”

    • I honestly can’t tell you for sure…which says an awful lot about this site.

      • Sadly it is the first, but I truly hope it’s not the last!!

  2. Hahaha… Good times. To paraphrase the very wise, Homer:

    “To ALCOHOL! The cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems!”

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