DCUC Katma Tui: Green, Pink, and Dead

Katma Tui replaced Sinestro on the Green Lantern Corps after he went all bat-shit crazy.  She soon fell in love with fellow GL John Stewart and things were going hunky-dory…til she was murdered.  Recently, she was brought back as an undead killing machine during DC‘s Blackest Night event, and now here she is in action figure form courtesy of Mattel‘s DC Universe Classics.  Oh, and her name sounds like you’re spitting a big pile of phlegm onto some unsuspecting passer-by.

I’ll admit that this is one of the first DCUC female figures that I’ve purchased.  Black Canary was such a waste that I didn’t even review her and it put me off from wanting anymore of the female sculpts.  However, adding another Lantern to my Corps was just too damn much to avoid, especially with the current action figure drought that I’ve been experiencing.  This figure is not perfect by any means, but she DOES have a lot going for her.

Let’s go ahead and get the accessories outta the way.  Katma Tui must be on someone’s favorite’s list over at Mattel, cause she comes packed with stuff (for a DCUC figure anyway).

Kilowog’s Massive Chest:  This is the central hub of this wave’s Collect & Connect figure.  This means that without Katma Tui, you’re just gonna have Kilowog’s crotch floating around your house…and really, unless you’re Novelty then that’s not gonna be very desirable.

Shield Shaped Ring Construct:  Described exactly as named.  It was a little warped out of the package, which of course caused me to fly off the handle in a drunken nerd-rage that ended after I unceremoniously passed out in the bathtub, covered in cuts and bruises.  It’s a cool shield though.  It has a nice size and features a sculpted Lantern logo on the front.   My only gripe is that it’ll only fit on Katma Tui’s tiny, tiny hands.

Sword Shaped Ring Construct:  This thing is awesome! It’s like Katma Tui arms herself with a wicked pirate blade, or the arm of a praying mantis.  It’s made of the same green translucent plastic as the shield construct, so it’s on the flimsy side.  Luckily, it’s so bendy that it can easily be reshaped straight if it gets bent.  Once again it attaches over Katma Tui’s fists which sadly means it won’t work for anyone but her.

Check out those child-bearin’ hips! Wow, those Korugar ladies are really built with their freakishly slender arms and torso…oh wait, this is how ALL of the women in the DCUC look… except Big Barda…I think.  Katma Tui suffers from the same problems sculpt-wise as all DCUC women, therefore I can’t really hold it against her in this case.  Her head and ring-hand are the only unique parts as far as I know, but that’s fine since she’s just in a black and green leotard anyhow.  Her head is really well done and represents the character well.  Her ring is also sculpted on her minuscule finger in fine detail.

She has the base articulation model for this line, which is to say that it’s pretty damn good.  However, she lacks rocker ankles and her neck is purely a swivel joint so her flying poses aren’t exactly awe-inspiring.  Katma Tui seems to be constructed of a stiffer plastic than her fellow ladies and I’m fairly pleased with that as well.

The paint is crisp, the lines are tight, and Katma Tui doesn’t have crossed and/or lazy eyes.  All in all a good paint job.

So there you have it.  A boring and generally rant-free review for a figure that only exists to fill out the ranks of my Green Lantern Corps.  She’s okay, but you’re not gonna be blown away by her uniqueness that’s for sure.  At least Hal has someone to hit on now…besides Killer Moth.


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  1. I can NOT stand how the DCUC women are so anorexic.. really, I hate female Four Horsemen sculpts in general. Someone needs to get those guys laid so they have at least some concept of the variety in female shapes other than 90 lb weaklings. Sigh. They simply can NOT do women, faces or bodies.

    • Ridiculous right?! The funny thing is, they aren’t even giving them giant breasts like most un-sexed boys would when designing their idea of a woman.lol

  2. LMAO, Wes! That’s some great advice!

    I’m not a fan of Katma, but I was eager to add her to the GL ranks. I dream of the day of having an all-GL display!

    • Soon, man….very soon. Hopefully we’ll see the GL Classics figures soon. The Kyle Rayner that was in Toyfare looked nice.

  3. Heh, Kilowog’s crotch floating around the house is better than having your smelly body LJ!

    Wes: For all you know the 4HM could all be gay. That’s why all their men-toys are muscular and buff.

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