Radiation and Band-Aids: DCUC Negative Man

Doom Patrol baby!  That’s right!  Negative Man is the 2nd member (Robotman was the first) to be released through Mattel‘s DC Universe Classics line of figures.  He’s spewing radiation and wrapped up like a mummy, so let’s get this review started!

I’m pretty stoked about getting another figure from the Vertigo universe. Sure, he’s based off the classic incarnation from the DC Comics universe proper, but I couldn’t give two shits about that!  I love Vertigo comics, and Grant Morrison‘s take on the Doom Patrol was extra trippy and weird.  Larry Trainor is Negative Man’s “real” name and this poor s.o.b. produces deadly radiation; therefore, he’s gotta stay completely covered at all times.  He can also take a corporeal form ala Johann Krauss of Hellboy fame.

Negative Man doesn’t come with any accessories for himself.  Of course, there’s really not much this guy could need anyway, besides maybe a bottle of grain alcohol to wash away the troubles of being an irradiated freak.  He does come packaged with Trigon‘s (this wave’s C&C figure) right arm and staff.  As I’m not a fan of most of the characters in this wave, I have a feeling that these will just lay dormant in the bottom of a box for the foreseeable future…or until I’m finally taken out by the authorities and all my possessions end up in an evidence locker.

The only new parts on Negative Man are his head, hands, belt, and a piece that sits around his neck.  The Four Horsemen did a terrific job on the new pieces and they manage to give Trainor the appearance of being wrapped up.  His belt is nothing fancy, as it just features the familiar “D” of the Doom Patrol.  He features the usual articulation, minus the ball-joint neck…it’s sadly just a swivel.

Paint-wise, Negative Man is about average.  There’s no slop, but he’s also just a basically painted figure. He lacks a lot of detail in the sculpt since he just reuses the same ol’ male buck.  There’s some gray added into the bandages which keep them from being a boring solid-white, and the same goes for some airbrushing on his red jumpsuit.  The purple belt and go-go boots are a little much even if this guy is based of an older incarnation.

All in all, I dig the character.  If I didn’t, then I would have left this fucker hanging on  the shelf next to Blue Devil and 90’s Superboy.  Lucky for Larry, I love Vertigo comics, and buying him brought me a tad bit of joy after a night of gasoline-fueled mayhem.  With the Jack Knight Starman and Jonah Hex coming soon, Shade rumored, and Swamp Thing back in the DCU proper, it’s still possible that one day we’ll see my much dreamed about John Constantine figure in the DCUC line.  I don’t care what Toy Guru says!  I’ll keep up drunken hope forever!


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  1. Doom Patrol, schmoom patrol. I can’t wait for my Legion! Long live the Legion!

    Oh wait, urm… hic! I guess that’s the booze talking. Yeah, good review and all, and I like the picture with Robotman at the end, but that still didn’t make me want to buy this wave. This wave isn’t for me, I think it sucks. I can’t wait for the Validus wave though!

    • Yeah, this wave was a disappointment. The next 2 are looking up, and with all that they revealed at SDCC it looks like DCUC is gonna be raping me of my money for a long time to come.

      • I’m glad I’m not a GL fan! But with the announced MotUC stuff, I’m still… well, stuffed!

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