Cocky Swagger & A Dirty Thumb: SF4’s Ken

Ken Masters is a dick.  That’s right, he’s an arrogant douche.  C’mon, the dude is bangin’ Guile‘s sister!  Yet, despite that (or most likely because of it) I always choose him as my fighter whenever I play StreetFighter 4.  Today we’ll be checking out the action figure version of Ken from Neca‘s SF4 line. This one is an “exclusive” version, although I’ve seen this smirking shithead just about everywhere.

Neca has done a fine job of following up Sota Toys Street Fighter figures.  These guys are very bulky and match the art style of the game to a tee.  They’ve also managed to keep them very highly articulated.  They come in the usual clamshell packaging, but Ken didn’t have the expected “Neca smell” that makes your eyes burn and bile rise to the top of your throat…a definite plus.

Ken came pretty light in the accessory department, but that’s no surprise.  It says he comes with extra hands right on the damn front card fer christsakes!  He has an extra right hand that’s positioned either for throwing fireballs or clawing your eyes out, and a left hand for Ken’s “thumbs up, cause I’m a conceited bastard” pose.  However, his thumb looks like it’s been forcefully shoved up the ass of an overly-constipated circus acrobat…which you’ll see a couple of pictures down.

The sculpting on this figure balances nicely between the source material and tons of articulation.  Thanks to the blocky nature of the Street Fighter characters, the breaks in the sculpt caused by the articulation aren’t as noticeable as they would be on a less exaggerated figure.  Ken’s face captures him spot-on and his outfit and proportions perfectly show his in-game look.  There’s not as much texture and detail as most Neca figures, but this is how he should look, no question.

Ken Masters can move.  I’m serious.  This little guy has possibly more articulation than most of the (late/great) Toy Biz Marvel Legends.  He clocks in at 35 p.o.a., so therefore I’m not gonna name ’em.  Just take my word for it: you can pose Ken in every fighting maneuver he does in the game.  That in itself means this toy does it’s job. Oh, and I forcibly tore off his vest so you could see the chest articulation. Mint-on-card be damned!

The paint…what is there to say really?  It’s decent.  There’s very visible shading on his clothing and muscles, but the washes used on the skin can tend to get a little too thick, hence the shit-covered thumb.  His hair is made of a clear plastic with white drybrushed over the top in order to give it that glow-y effect.  His eyes are painted tightly, which is sometimes a worry area as well.

This figure is very well done.  It makes me want to try out more figures in the series, so that’s a big plus for Neca.  Ken is a great figure that moves well and would put any wrestling/mma figure to shame. Shame!  To anyone that says otherwise, well Ken says, “Suck my thumb!”.


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  1. Looks like a weird MotUC. Great looking figure, but I dont’ think I wanna buy another toyline…

    • I bought him on a whim when I was ordering the metallic Hal Jordan from TRU and I’m glad I picked him up. He’s one of those figures that are just really fun to pose.

      • Oh, and to anyone on the PS3 Network, I’m Lemonjuice_McGee on there. Come and fight me, bitches!

  2. Nice review bro I got the first Ken in his regular colors who came with 3 fists hands and one thumbs up hand. Oh and Ken is with Guiles wife sister.

    • Thanks man. I would have liked the regular colors Ken, but seemed to have for some reasoned passed on him originally. It was probably due to those damn DC Universe Classics…grumble, grumble.

      Guile’s wife’s sister?! That makes it a lot less of a dick-move. I expected better from

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