Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss: Metallic Hal Jordan

Green Lantern. That’s all I’m gonna have to tag this post with for it to get a zillion hits.  Pretty soon us nerdy real Green Lantern fans will feel crapped upon by the million johnny-come-latelys that will be rallying around the Ryan Reynolds flick (I’m also looking forward to it like a blathering idiot.).  For now though, us comic junkies are still rewarded with (mostly) comic-accurate versions of Hal Jordan, the best damn Green Lantern of Earth. Oh, you like Kyle…wanna fight about it?!  Where’s my drink?  It’s time for a review by gawd!

This right here is the newest release from Mattel‘s DC Universe Classics Toys R’ Usexclusive repaints.  Read on suckas and learn all about what I think of this space cop!

As you probably deduced with your massive intellect, this Hal is basically the same as the version released way back in DCUC Wave 3.  However, your sorta wrong so please don’t let your shame show on the outside cause the opposite sex finds it unattractive.

The first big difference is the costume design.  Wave 3 Hal was featured in his traditional duds.  The new Hal is all dressed up in his current uniform…except for the Lantern symbol.  For some reason Mattel decided to use the classic version instead of the modern lantern featuring the slanted ends.  I’m guessing cause it was cheaper and if I know anything from hanging out with the underbelly of society, it’s that cheaper is better.  Not in this case though…or when it comes to how many teeth an “escort” has.

The next departure between the figures is the plastic.  My Green Lantern from Wave 3 looks as if his costume is covered in dried semen.  Hopefully this new edition of Hal uses better plastic and will stay black and shiny, shiny green for a long time to cum come.

GL also has some different body parts.  Odd for a repaint, but its very obvious.  His shoulders feature slight points where the hinge joint slides.  His chest is also sculpted differently, although ever so slightly.  I was surprised to find variations this large, and can only fathom that perhaps the master mold was worn or damaged so they were forced to make a new one? I don’t really even care to be quite honest, just figured you guys deserved to be filled in on the ins and outs of this thing… However, their articulation is still identical, although the Hal figure I procured has kind of a loose head when turning from side to side.

GL comes packaged with a couple of things:

He scored the mandatory button, although this one actually manages to feature a pretty cool image of Hal with his face lighted ominously by his ring.  I can dig it, and will pin it to the nearest kitten I can find, right in it’s cute little eye!

The blue DC Universe figure stand is also present and accounted for.  I actually need these as I am currently constructing a throne for myself out of them.  The armrest is now complete!

Hal’s Power Battery Lantern is a welcome addition and will go upon my pile of Green Lantern accessories that ARE NOT MOTHERF***IN’ CONSTRUCTS! AAAAARRRRGGGGHHH!!!!! Why is it so damn tough to get a big green boxing glove outta Mattel?! Anyway, it features a moving handle for…y’know…handling it I guess.

There you have it.  Hal Jordan, metallic paint and all!  He doesn’t match any of the current DCUC Lanterns, but shit man, he can’t help it that he looks cool.


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  1. This will be the most popular post on your blog in a few weeks or so. Hopefully there won’t be too many ‘tards like me making comments! 🙂
    I like the comparison shot with the old GL. I know his green is metallic and all, but when placed next to the old one, it does really show the difference. Good review here, and great photos.

    • Ah, I do think it’s cool that GL is finally getting his chance to be a mainstream hero, it’s just that now I’m gonna be having to see 300 lb. women wearing Lantern t-shirts… I know its coming. It’s only a matter of Oh, and if you notice, the older Hal has more paint apps. He has muscle detail while the repaint only features the one shade of metallic green. Kind of a trade off…

      • Does the old Hal have just an extra “wash”? I still like the shiny green version better. Then again, I like all things shiny 🙂

      • Yep, and the plastic his head is molded in seems to be a little more tan. there costume designs are pretty different though, as you can see in the comparison pic…

  2. I was kind of disappointed in this repaint. That’s why I made a few modifications on mine so he looks more like the “First Flight” Hal!

    • I know, I saw it and want it! Give it to me immediately!lol

  3. Guy Gardner is the best Green Lantern.

    • Batman. One punch… 🙂

      • Lol, it just occurred to me that that line is close to the “One week!” WW2 insult we give the French. Hee hee, Batman is the French.

  4. […] even I’m in on the action.) For example, Lemonjuice McGee’s Hobotastic has unleashed this Metallic Hal Jordan review for everyone who needs a shiny Green Lantern action figure. Click to visit […]

  5. Great fig! And one I would definitely get except for the new high as sky price point. Argh. Ya know what, 3B? Gimme your GL, not Lemonjuice! Lol.

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