A Big-Ass Knife: Falconer Predator

Welcome to the jungle baby. You’re gonna DIE!” – Axel Rose

When I hear the word “predator”, images of creepy old men waiting outside of a playground come to mind.  However, for most of you guys, I’m sure Danny Glover running across rooftops and battling an alien batter you psyche…or perhaps Schwarzenegger covered in mud and brandishing a spear.  Either way, it’s not very desirable.

Today I’m checking out the Falconer Predator from Neca‘s line of figures based off the Predators movie.

Oh, and I’ll just get this little tidbit outta the way.  I’ve NOT seen the movie.  It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s just that when you have a few 55 gallon drums of paint thinner, a lighter,  and a sack full of rats…well, sometimes going to the movies just isn’t as entertaining.  All I know about this alien killing-machine is based off the copy from the back of his package.  As such, it seems the freckled bastard should have come with some type of alien/bird/hybrid/thing…which he obviously did not.  For shame Neca, for shame!  Thankfully though, ol’ Falconer comes with a big-ass knife!…that juts out of his wrist.

I was really wanting the Classic Predator, bat alas, it was not to be.  Instead I found plenty of this guy and the Berserker Predator menacingly clogging the pegs.  However, seeing tons of pics of these guys from SDCC had me  chomping at the bit to own one and  after an awkward exchange of glances and profanity with the cashier, I was one Predator richer…and a little poorer in pride.

I frantically tore into the plastic vault of a package, and after untwisting the ties that bound him into the tray (and swooning from the pungent Neca-Smell) I was able to see what this guy was made of.  Plastic, turns out he’s made of plastic and rubber.  The grain alcohol that was pummeling my brain made me think otherwise, but I was relieved to find him not made of actual flesh and bone.  The sculpt on the Falconer Predator is very well done.  The skin texture is perfect in the way it conveys all of the muscles and wrinkles, while contrasting sharply against the metal of his mask and gauntlets.  The Falconer is much more streamlined than previous Predators, which I assume is to show the younger generation of hunters have embraced newer hunting methods and technologies, or because it looks cool. Whichever. The shape of his mask is different than what we’ve seen before, but it’s growing on me the more I see it. It also appears to be removable, but is NOT.  Trust me on this one.

The paint work is as varied in quality as all of Neca’s releases.  You can literally look through an entire case of figures and every single one will have a different paint deco.  It’s almost enough to send you into a fit of cursing and destruction as you try and find a Predator who’s freckles are to your liking.  The drybrushing on the metallic parts of the figure help give the appearance of scratches and wear from many hunts.  I like the brass coloring as well which bring out the slick Geiger-like designs.  Overall, most of the Falconer figures I saw on the shelf looked pretty good (the same can’t be said for the Berserker).  A big problem I had was with the paint being too heavy on the joints, causing the ball-joints to stick and then the paint to flake completely off of them.  It’s like my Predator had been gallivantin’ around Leper Town, just struttin’ his fine ass around for the afflicted townsfolk…lucky for him that I burned that place long ago made that place up.

The articulation is both loved AND hated, although mostly just hated.  Seeing the ball-jointed head, elbows and wrists will give you a throbbing erection, but then when you realize Neca gave him shitty, shitty swivel hips…well, you’re just gonna end up shriveled up inside yourself.  He is plagued by the same problems as their Perseus figure in that he’s almost perfect, but just falls short because of his damn hips.  He DOES feature 20 or so points of articulation however, and can be posed well enough with the right amount of effort and ingenuity.  I’m at the bottom of the bottle though, which means my dexterity ain’t what it used to be, so Predator is just gonna be standin’ around instead of crouched in a bad-ass killing pose.

I recommend the Falconer Predator to all you lovers of homicidal aliens and wicked-looking toys.  Just don’t say I didn’t warn you about the legs though…

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  1. You and legs. Sheesh 😉

  2. Yeah, screw that, if the legs don’t spread where I want, then I ain’t buying.

  3. Lol, but like you said, Lemonjuice, a little bit of ingenuity with the legs goes a long way! 😛

    Great review! And he SHOULD come with a damn bird!

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