Throbbing Purple Power: Prince Adam

Prince Adam. He’s a lazy, spoiled, vest-wearing, good-fer-nothin’…but damn, those are some nice pants!

Adam was relegated to being an accessory to Orko in this mattycollector line of Masters of the Universe Classics figures by Mattel.  The least I could do was give this smirking layabout his own review.

Adam is possibly one of the first accessories to come with it’s own accessories.  He has the Sword of He in a fancy magenta color scheme, along with a matching half-sword.  They match up to Adam well, and while the original figure also came with these, I would have much preferred the regular ol’ gray power sword.  He also comes with an extra He-Man head…but there is something afoul with mine as you can see below:

Check out his bangs.  Looks like He-Man got himself a haircut.  The hair piece attached to the head appears too small, just enough to be noticeable…and aggravating.  I’m sure it was probably just a fuck up at the factory with the mold, or perhaps the smiling head was sculpted smaller than the original…I dunno. While it’s not a necessity that I have another He-Man head, quality control shouldn’t be this big of a problem for a niche line with higher-than-normal prices.  Of course, complaining about Mattel is purely a waste of time and is about as useful as bitching about the weather.

Prince Adam has a new head and vest, but shares the entirety of the rest of his sculpt with that of the DCUC/MOTUC two-pack He-Man figure.  The vest is made of a soft rubber, so the ab-crunch is not entirely useless, just partially so.  Not much to say about the sculpt or articulation otherwise, which gives me some time to use my fingers for knocking back these shots and punching that one-eyed carnival worker I see sittin’ down at the end of the bar.  He’s been giving me the evil-eye all night and it’s somehow worse seein’ as how he’s only got the one… be right back…”Hey you! Yeah you, ya creepy cocksucker! You wanna see me break my parole?!

Okay, now that I’ve gotten that outta my system (and before the lawdogs show up), let’s ramble on about Adam’s paint job.  It’s a fitting tribute to the original figure while still upping the coolness into the Classics line.  The biggest example is that Adam’s bracelets, while white on the original figure have been painted with more of a metallic pearl color. Very subtle.  The loincloth’s belt, which is mostly hidden by the vest, features a matte black finish with a gloss black for the gems and really looks fantastic…like I said though, it’s mostly hidden away.  As for the various shades of purple, well, you get what you pay for.  I can’t really bitch about ridiculous clothes when I knew this monkey’d be wearin’ em.  There’s no real slop on the figure I have (thanks go out to Novelty once again for the assist) so he looks as he’s intended too.

Adam’s an alright guy.  He came in a two-pack with Orko, so if you like the characters it’s easy to snatch em up in one fell swoop.  If you don’t, well nobody is gonna be begging you to buy them.  Not to mention I can now reenact that sweet youtube vid of Adam singing 4 Non Blondes‘ songs.


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  1. That video was priceless!

  2. Nice review. I had to resort to ebay to get my orko and adam, but luckily with some patience I was able to get them without paying anymore than I would have to matty. They should be here this week and I’m excited. I’m particularly happy to get adam and his magenta sword, because I got the original adam one easter morning, and then lost his sword about an hour later when I took him on a walk around the neighborhood. So I’ll finally get that awesome pink sword again.
    As for the hair issue with the regular he-man head, my regular he-man had the same problem when I got him, it’s just sitting too far back on his head. It is easy enough to peel it off and superglue it back in its proper place.

    • I may have to try that. It’s weird though, doesn’t look from the side like it’s back too far…we shall find out!

  3. Nice that Movelty got to see it and pick a good one out for you. 😉 Will put my review of Adam up soon too.

    I actually like this sculpt for He-MAn very much. As for the vest, like you say, it tends to get in the way…so I say hey, what going? 😉

    • Movelty??? Who’s that? LOL.

  4. LOL, I’m sure you had fun spanking that one-eyed worker. I hope you made him explode. It must have given you lots of relief 😉 And yes, I know you and Adam go way back because you guys are like peas in a pod or whatever.

  5. It’s more like you need to rotate the hair forward. I actually had to do it to the head I sent you. Boil it, rip it off, tilt bangs forward and super glue. Done.

    • I’ll fuck it up if I do it. Actually, that might make for a good post…hmmm.

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