Pimping for Darkness – Contest!

Hey y’all, it’s Novelty from Toy a Day here.  I’m just pimping my contest, and since Lemonjuice is too busy making juice with his hands and uh… other body parts, I hope he doesn’t mind that I’m hijacking one post to do my pimping.  [ I’ll let it slide this time, cause the prize is so badass! – LJ ] So what’s the prize?  Click more to see it and to read about the contest!

Dread Axe of Darkness

Yup, that’s a Spy Monkey Creations Dread Axe of Darkness that’s only available and is exclusive to Poe Ghostal Points of Articulation.  Head over to <my blog post> to read more about the contest and to enter.  Oh and no cheating, lying or bending over for Lemonjuice is required for you to enter the contest.

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