M.U. Winter Soldier: Amputated Assassin

Those dirty Russians!  Always stealin’ our half-dead sidekicks, tossin’ cybernetic arms on em, and sendin’ em out to kill.  Just who the hell do they think they are?!  What’s that?  Badasses?  Yeah, I guess that is who they think they are… and admittedly, they’re absolutely right.  The Winter Soldier is the best thing to happen to dead superheroes since forever, and we owe it all to the KGB.  Let’s see if Hasbro‘s Marvel Universe figure can properly represent Mother Russia in all her covert glory…

So far, this is the third Marvel Universe figure of Mr. James Buchanan Barnes.  The first was his current incarnation as Captain America and was packaged with a gigantic Skrull soldier from the Secret Invasion storyline.  The second figure was in his WWII duds as Bucky. This is my favorite version of the character, and after I down the rest of this gin I’ll take a closer (albeit, blurry) look at the figure…*Glug*Glug*Glug*…

*Hiccup* Ah, looks like Winter Soldier comes packaged with a few varying accessories:

M-16 – This is the same damn machine gun that has been packaged with almost every single gun-toting character in the line.  Hell, it even came with X-Force Wolverine!  It’s a good sculpt of the classic M-16 with an M-209 grenade launcher attached beneath the barrel, but it just doesn’t work for the Buckster here.  My biggest gripe with it is that his hands aren’t sculpted to be able to navigate the trigger guard; therefore, it just looks dumb as shit in his hand.  There are a million G.I. JOE weapons the design team coulda snatched to take it’s place…and it’s a cryin’ shame they didn’t.

Glock Pistol – Same story here on the pistol. Seems they just keep on sticking this with figures.  Unlike the machine gun though, this one isn’t that bad.  Plus it fits snugly (almost too tightly) in Winter Soldier’s leg holster.  Nice touch on that one.

Figure Stand – A black rectangle of plastic with the Marvel logo sculpted into the top along with the name of the figure printed in white.  You place Winter Soldier on it to stand up. Fuck, I’m tired of typing up descriptions of figure stands. It used to be rare that a figure had one; so, when it was present, it was kind of a big deal. Now, practically every figure line has them…except the ones that need them, like MOTUC. I’m just gonna snap this stand in two and use the jagged plastic to carve a wicked skull tattoo into Blind Bobby whose sittin’ all sullen across the alley.  “Hey Bobby! You wanna attract the ladies don’tcha?! Then feel your way over here, cause I’ve got a present for ya!

S.H.I.E.L.D. H.A.M.M.E.R. Files – Winter Soldier was basically a terrorist during his time with the Russians, and his “file” actually tells a surprising amount about it. Turns out, this brain-washed sonuvagun was training terrorist cells and insurgents during recent military conflicts.  What a dick.  The file card has the card art in full on one side with James’ stats and whatnot on the other.  These don’t mean a whole lot to me and will end up in a pile of rubbish along with the rest.  However, if I were a kid these would be invaluable and very, very awesome.  It’s like getting a G.I. JOE filecard times 10!

Sculpt-wise, not much new on Jimmy here.  He uses the same body as the S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent that came out last year with a couple of exceptions… wicked exceptions!  First up is the head.  It’s got a pretty bland expression and the expected domino mask. So, it fits Winter Soldier’s cold and calculating attitude to a tee.  The hair is a separate piece, and looks good over the head…sometimes.  It took me searching the pegs thoroughly before finding a figure that didn’t appear to be wearing an ill-fitting toupee’. Granted, having the hair as an individual piece allows for better paint application… doesn’t keep it from being a nuisance when applied shittily (Yes, shittily IS a word!).  Plus, the mask had a sloppy paint app regardless.  Suck on that logic Hasbro! Next, the bionic arm is the other piece of new sculpting on the figure.  Contrary to my initial hallucinations, this arm is indeed quite cool.  It has a star raised on the shoulder, deep grooves cut to show the arm segments, and a piece of hydraulic hose running between the bicep and forearm.  Not too shabby.  The pistol belt is a separately molded piece.  It’s ridin’ a little high up on Winter Soldier’s stomach in the package; but as you can see, once pulled down, it looks really good…and also fits the pistol.  The use of this body serves it’s purpose even if it IS different from the regular comic incarnation.  Its not a giant leap to think of Bucky tossin’ on an old S.H.I.E.L.D. uniform.

The articulation on this guy is alright.  It’s nothing groundbreaking since his re-used body was made before the p.o.a. started getting upped like in the last few waves of figures.  He has a ball-joint head, swivel/hinge shoulders, swivel biceps, hinged elbows, swivel wrists, ball-joint torso, ball-joint hips, double-hinged knees, and swivel/hinge ankles.

I personally HATE the legs.  Something about the plastic used just makes them feel rubbery and breakable when being moved at the hips. Hips! It’s always F’n hips lately! Aaaarrrrggghhh!!!! Whoa…I gotta quit gettin’ so damn excited. The law-dogs are startin’ to glance over here and my liquor is trying to work it’s way back up my throat…. *Bbblllaaarrrggghhh!* Ugh… stupid hips…

The paintwork is hit and miss.  Some of it is really, really good; but, where its bad…its definitely BAD.  The arm has a dull silver covering it which gives it the same appearance we’ve all come to associate with comic-based robotics.  A black has been washed over it to bring out the details.  The star is painted red, but its a nice deep shade instead of a glaring bright target it could have been.  The jumpsuit is all a basic deep blue with a dark wash to bring out its details and some light airbrushing.  Like I said, for a mass-market figure, of such a small size, its acceptable.  The zipper running up the jumpsuit is incredibly “fuzzy” around the edges and his mask looks to have been applied by some conjoined-twins that were too busy stabbing each other in the eyes to worry about painting inside the lines.  All in all, its not bad when compared to other Marvel Universe figures.  Just don’t compare it to any of Hasbro’s other 3 3/4″ figures cause it’ll just make you depressed, and possibly violently-ill.

There you have it: The Winter Soldier! Bucky! Captain F’n America!  Whatever you wanna call him, just remember that this s.o.b. bangs the Black Widow. Sure she’s been around the block with everybody from Daredevil to Wolverine, but at least he’s in good company.  This figure is cool if you like the character, but I’m gonna set him on fire and try to smoke the plastic fumes while I impatiently await the upcoming Marvel Legends release.

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  1. Yep, make mine ML, too!

  2. How long have you had this toy LJ? He looks old… like a cheap Made in China rip-off from the dollar store. The paintwork on the figure is worse than the Dick Tracy stuff I’m opening this fortnight, and it isn’t even applied properly IMO. I’m glad I’m not getting any MU stuff. It’s more like FU.

    • I snagged him this week fresh off the pegs. MU are still lightyears better than DCIH, but that’s kinda like comparing garbage to trash.lol

  3. I picked up the rest of this series, but I just couldn’t bring myself to pick up ol’ Bucky here. Thank you for reaffirming my decision.

    • Glad to help, although I really wish I could have said he was the best MU figure yet… The new Punisher coming out uses the same base body (minus the metallic arm) and it might work better for him.

  4. I love MU and I love Bucky. I wish I could find the longer-haired variant, though. also the M-16 is totally inappropriate.

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