Old Timey Toys: Marvel Legends Nightcrawler

Today’s alcohol-fueled fever dream has got me reminiscing about Toy BizMarvel Legends.  Those figures were pretty much the pinnacle of comic book-based figure collecting.  Hell, a LOT of people will tell you that they still haven’t been surpassed.  In a lot of ways they’d be right, but in a lot of ways they can go to hell!  Today we’re lookin’ at Nightcrawler.  He’s got 5 points of articulation in each foot!  I don’t think I even have that much movement in my own foot, what after the frostbite debacle of 89 and the ax incident of 97…

Kurt Wagner was a mutant that grew up as a circus-freak due to his appearance.  He took the name of Nightcrawler during his performing days. Feared and hated, yadda, yadda, Professor X, yadda, yadda, joined the X-Men, yadda, yadda, became buddies with Wolverine, yadda, yadda, became a priest and got all boring, yadda, yadda, died.  That sums it up for Kurt, other than the fact that it smells like someone has shit their pants (after eating deviled eggs) whenever he teleports.

Kurt has approximately 480 points of articulation.  Okay, maybe there’s not quite that many, but I’ve never been one for math.  It’d probably be better quantified as a shit-ton. Yes, he has a shit-ton of articulation.  Don’t believe me? Oh ye of little faith!  Here, I’ll list em:  ball-joint head, hinge neck, ball/hinge shoulders, swivel biceps, double-hinge elbows, swivel forearms, hinge wrists, individually hinged fingers, ball-joint upper torso, hinge ab crunch, swivel waist, ball/hinge hips, swivel thighs, double-hinge knees, swivel calves, hinge ankles, rocker ankles, hinged feet, 3 individually hinged toes on each foot, AND a bendable tail.  Crap in a hat, that’s a LOT of movement!

The sculpt reminds me very much of the John Byrne art I grew up seeing in the comics.  It also reminds me of a demon whenever I see him hanging in the f’n fridge every time I try to grab another beer.  The joints are very prevalent and break up the sculpt a lot more than I remembered.  However, it is still very clearly Nightcrawler, and this figure is still very clearly quite spectacular.  The sculpt holds up just as well today as when it was released.  Granted, it came out during the beginning of the whole “super articulation” craze, so its very innovative.  The bendable tail really adds to the pose-ability of Kurt and helps give him even that much more character.

The paint on Nightcrawler is…well, it’s okay I guess… as far as shitty paintjobs go anyway.  Most of his body is molded in the black of his bodysuit and his white gloves and booties (or are they gloves too? Huh.).  The head is done cleanly for the most part, but it can’t make up for the red part of Nightcrawler’s jumpsuit.  The factory musta been outta money, cause they sure watered down their paint.  The black bleeds right through the red.  It doesn’t do it all over though, just enough in completely separate areas that you can’t help but notice.  Your eye is drawn to the horrible paint, which is a shame… a cryin’ shame.

There you have it suckas!  The first foray into reviewing figures that were before the time of this fine internet publication.  Mostly with DC Universe Classics being such a boon to the collector market, Marvel doesn’t have a lot to show. Sure they have Marvel Universe, but c’mon! It’ll be at least 3 more waves before the figures really hit their stride and even then, they’re still 3 3/4″ tall.

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  1. You had fun playing around with that tail, did you not? LOL.

    • I get my kicks where I can…

  2. Great idea for an on-going post! I know it’s hard to get to those older figures with new stuff coming in.

    Most of the ML figures I own were purchased off ebay and loose, so I don’t really focus on those too much, but I’d definitely like to review them someday.

    • Yeah, the accessory section in those write-ups is gonna be pretty non-existent. I think Nightcrawler just had a piece of Galactus though…

  3. Since he’s my favorite character, I bought, um, four or six of these. (I got some for like $2.99, and a couple were for my kids, since I’m not sharing.) Pretty sure I was eBay’s number one seller of Galactus crotch for a while…a dubious distinction, to be sure.

    • HA! Well, somebody had to sell ’em. 🙂

      I picked up a few Marvel Legends recently so I’m gonna try to review them all eventually. Dr. Doom is next up…

  4. Yer, I tried reading comics featuring Nightcrawler but I couldn’t get past the constant God-talk. I just want him to punch things in the face, not lecture me every two pages!

    And in a totally dick-move, before he died he managed to pussify Wolverine! WTF, Elf!?

    I love this toy though, the big manly face is sexy.

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