They made a figure of Lemonjuice and called it The Tramp?

[ You are about to read something that doesn’t usually appear on this site.  Novelty has written a guest-blog in which I do NOT threaten to have him raped with broken glass. Possibly because the figure he’s reviewing is so f’n amazing that women (and men) everywhere would rub it on their genitals if given half a chance.  How do I know?  Cause it’s a figure of ME… sort of. – Lemonjuice McGee ]

I couldn’t believe my eyes as well. There in front of me was a figure of Lemonjuice McGee. Of course, they could neither call it Lemonjuice or Hobotastic due to copyright reasons, hence that’s why there’s the generic name “The Tramp” on the figure. I’m Novelty from Toy A Day, and you’re reading this review of Dick Tracy‘s The Tramp aka Lemonjuice McGee.

The Tramp comes on the usual Dick Tracy card, and for the benefit of those who don’t follow Toy a Day, this consists of a clear bubble in front with the figures and weapons displayed nicely inside the bubble. The front of the card consists of Dick Tracy’s logo on the top left, with a comic strip representation of Dick Tracy on the left and a communicator on his hand, out of which comes out a speech bubble with The Tramp’s title just below the bubble. The backdrop behind the bubble consists of a brick wall that has a spotlight shining on it and that highlights the figure nicely.

The back of the card has a short story at the top, including the background and a comic strip specifically for the character, in this case, Lemonjuice The Tramp. The bottom left has the other figures in the line and the proof of purchase, while The Tramps’s bio is on the bottom left of the back of the card.

I think they got the Tramp’s accessories wrong though.  They should have included a shotgun, a bottle of moonshine and a girlie magazine.  Instead, the Tramp comes with a boring ol’ knife, a garbage can lid and a plank of wood.  Well, yeah, I know Lemonjuice gets wood every so often, but it’s definitely not as large or as long as a plank. [ Sad, but true. At least The Tramp’s board has  a nail in it. That adds to the stopping power! – LJ ]

Lemonjuice… er… The Tramp’s figure comes with 7 points of articulation – swivel neck and wrists, and ball jointed shoulders and hips. The character lacks elbows and knees, so the poses for the limbs are stiff and set in stone, so to speak, and it’s very much like the real thing.  Because of the lack of knee joints, it can be a bit hard to get him to stand up straight, and he’s not very poseable anyways, which works well since Lemonjuice is never sober enough to be standing up straight.   [ Posture’s overrated… – LJ ] The sculpt has holes in the clothes of The Tramp and the paintwork is acceptable, highlighting the details of the sculpt, and isn’t too sloppy.   It’s a good thing the figure does not come with a scratch and sniff action feature.  I’m not sure I want to smell varnish and piss. [ It’s like an aphrodisiac. – LJ ]

Well, there you have my review of the Tramp’s action figure.  Maybe I should set it on fire or something. [ NO!!!! It might accidentally work like some bootleg voodoo-doll! I hates me some fire! Everybody knows that fire, bullets, stabbing, drowning, and severe blunt-force trauma are my only weaknesses. – LJ ]


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  1. LOL @ Posture’s overrated. And Yay, I didn’t get threatened!

  2. LOL!

    Would they dare put a figure named “The Tramp” on shelves today? Geoffrey would piss his trousers!

    • Ha! You’re probably right about that. I saw they were releasing Suicide from TNA Wrestling. I wonder if that name will be emblazoned across the package?

  3. Hahaha, good one, Novelty!

    Gotta love stopping power, LJ! ;P

    • Thanks. I’m not sure I want to know what sort of stopping power LJ’s nail would do…

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