Yellow like the night?: DCUC Sinestro Corps Batman

DC Universe Classics Wave 15 is actually becoming pretty easy to score at the local K-Marts. I reviewed Mr. Wayne over on MTV Geek!, so check it out:

Sinestro Corps Batman Review

Oh, and I’d like to also note that this is my 100th post…and it’s a link. Shit. Not very eventful, I know. Thanks for reading and being a pal!


Lemonjuice McGee


Kickin’ Ass & Takin’ Names: Mezco’s Kick-Ass

Wish you were a vigilante? Find yourself masturbating to your History teacher? Well then, this figure might just be for you. Here’s the link for my review of Mezco‘s 6″ Kick-Ass figure over at MTV Geek!:

Kick-Ass Figure Review

Sorry for the lack of reviews on here. I’m gonna remedy that real soon. i think I have something finally worthy of a profanity-laden tirade… You’ll see soon…

Pretenders to the Throne: M.U. Dark Avengers

I recently picked up the new Dark Avengers Comic Two-Pack from Hasbro. It came with Venom and Daken in their stolen identities.  Sometimes I wish I could steal someone’s identity. I hear its big business these days! Anyway, if you wanna give it a once-over, its up over at MTV Geek! and here’s the link:

Dark Avengers Two-Pack Review

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With the Power to Suck: DCUC Parasite

[ I’m still planning my glorious return to reviews on here;but,  in the meantime I present this guest-review by Dr. Nightmare.  Its all about one of the coolest DCSH figures that ever graced the line, and NOT about oral sex.  I repeat: It is NOT about oral sex.  Sorry. – Lemonjuice McGee ]

Part of the reason I was happy to see how clean and simple the DC Super Heroes figures looked is because the line seemed like the perfect chance to get some DC animated universe (DCAU) characters made (as you all know, the animated universe is the only universe that matters!). Here comes Livewire, babies! That’s what I yelled in the store before I got kicked out and my dreams were shattered months later when no Livewire was to be found.

Anyway, the characters we did get were just as cool and the toy-sculpts did justice to them for the most part. Parasite was an instant buy at five dollars on sale, despite being the monstrous Lex Luthor-humping version from the more popular mainstream comics, not the sleek sexy one from the Superman Adventures comics and cartoon show. Monsters are cool.


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Hobo-Toons: Like a Twig!

[ Geez, seems like I waited around forever before buying John Stewart. Oh well, I should make the best of him, right? – Lemonjuice McGee ]

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Now, don’t Ghostfreak out!

[ Today we’re graced with another guest-spot by Novelty of Toy A Day. You all know the drill: 1. He insults me in some way that borders on lust. 2. I generally berate and/or threaten him with violence. Welcome to the show, folks! – Lemonjuice McGee ]

If you haven’t already figured out, this is Novelty.  It’s October, and back on Toy A Day, we’re celebrating Monster October with a Ben 10 Alien monster Fortnight.  This week I’m showcasing some of Ben’s original 10 aliens, and since I know Lemonjuice is a freak in more ways than one, [That’s kind of a given. – LJ ] I thought I’d introduce him to THE Ghostfreak.


Snake Eyes vs. Storm Shadow: Dressed to Kill

Black? In the desert?! Man, I bet Snake Eyes is sweatin’ his scarred up sack off, while Storm Shadow is lettin’ his breathe!  I reviewed these two color-coded crackers over on MTV Geek! in a review-battle to the death! Hit the link to check it out:

Ninja Review Battle: Snake Eyes vs. Storm Shadow


“Answer tha question fore ya get tha hose!”

Yep, that’s Jitsu alright.  You wanna see more of that? Do ya?! Well, my MOTUC-lovin’ brethren, just use your sweaty hands to maneuver the cursor below and click on the link.  My interview with Jon English is over at MTV Geek! and there are plenty more pics where this came from…

Geek Interview: Toy Customizer Jon English

Look upon Slime Pit He-man and weep at his awe-inspiring coolness… and then drink til you puke.

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Hobo-Toons: Venom’s Hero Worship

[ I just found the Dark Avengers 2 pack, and I’m not quite sure when I’ll review ’em.  So here’s this anyway.  It may not look like it, but Venom uses the larger buck that was used for Warpath and Captain Britain. – Lemonjuice McGee ]

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Humpity McHumps-a-lot: Jazware’s Robot

This has got to be one of the greatest innovations in action feature history! Oh, it’s up over at MTV Geek:

Robot Chicken’s Robot…That Likes to Bang!

If you check it out, be a pal and leave a comment and whatnot at the bottom of the article. I’ll owe ya some dead kittens and lighter fluid action next time we hang out.