Snake Eyes vs. Storm Shadow: Dressed to Kill

Black? In the desert?! Man, I bet Snake Eyes is sweatin’ his scarred up sack off, while Storm Shadow is lettin’ his breathe!  I reviewed these two color-coded crackers over on MTV Geek! in a review-battle to the death! Hit the link to check it out:

Ninja Review Battle: Snake Eyes vs. Storm Shadow



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  1. I am totally into your MTV Geek reviews, but have just been leaving “thumbs-ups” (not the Facebook kind but the MTV kind) for fear that if I do any more Big Brother aka MTV will hack into my facebook account and watch me pee at the same time.

    no one can know about the side saddle.

    • News flash: EVERYONE knows about the side-saddle… and they’re all ashamed. Hasbro busted you out a while back after those Iron Man Facts. 🙂

      The Dong Ray was frowned upon by corporate.

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