Now, don’t Ghostfreak out!

[ Today we’re graced with another guest-spot by Novelty of Toy A Day. You all know the drill: 1. He insults me in some way that borders on lust. 2. I generally berate and/or threaten him with violence. Welcome to the show, folks! – Lemonjuice McGee ]

If you haven’t already figured out, this is Novelty.  It’s October, and back on Toy A Day, we’re celebrating Monster October with a Ben 10 Alien monster Fortnight.  This week I’m showcasing some of Ben’s original 10 aliens, and since I know Lemonjuice is a freak in more ways than one, [That’s kind of a given. – LJ ] I thought I’d introduce him to THE Ghostfreak.

Ghostfreak comes on the standard Ben 10 first series card.  But we’re not here for a review of the card, so let’s just rip into the package and take pleasure playing with the toy, like what LJ does to his package and toy every night, of course. [ Of course! Bastard… – LJ ]

Freak comes with the usual lenticular pog and the Viewmaster reel thing.  Now I don’t have one of those gizmos that allows me to watch peepshows, so I have no idea what’s on that reel, but after this review, I’m going to bring that sucker over to LJ, who with his superior Peeping Tom Vision, will be able to make out what’s on there.  And when I say make out, I don’t mean with tongue, because that’s just gross, but I won’t put it past LJ either. [ First, it’s true that my Peeping Tom Vision indeed rocks. Second, without tongue, making out almost never leads to happy endings. – LJ ]

And if you haven’t read about pogs, well, Dr. Nightmare wrote about it a while back here, so I’ll just refer you to what he wrote.  Basically, this ‘freak pog shows Ben as he transforms to ‘freak and depending on the angle of view, there are three different images of Ben.

Ghostfreak is also one of the few Ben 10 toys to come with an accessory, his stand.  The stand is a two piece affair, yes, affair, pretty much like the one night stands with LJ.  The top of the stand has a peg which plugs into the hole in ‘freak’s ass tightly, and I’ve been told that’s how LJ likes it too, hence his ever present threat of inviting me to his parties.  Thanks LJ, but your regulars might get jealous. [ You’re cordially invited to go to Hell! You’ll think “plugs into a hole tightly” when Merle shoves you full of 2 foot worth of baseball bat for the measly low price of half a bottle of cooking wine! – LJ ]

The freak himself is dildo shaped and comes with only four points of articulation;  shoulders, neck and tail.  (And I know LJ likes to get himself some tail!)  It’s molded from gray plastic with black paint on the “gaps” to complete the figure.  It’s a really simple design, and the figure is way too simple.  They could have given it elbow and wrist articulation, but they didn’t, and the figure suffers more so for that lack of feature.

Ghostfreak is the smallest figure in the line that I’ve opened so far, but he does fit in with the hunky Diamondgivinghead and the muscular Fourplayarms.  And this review is brought to you buy Blue Curaçao, which is foreign and exotic and doesn’t make your pee blue.



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  1. I once saw half an episode of Ben 10. it had like his ghost grandmother coming back from the grave and teaching his sister to sleep around or something. also i think they were fighting HP Lovecraft monsters.

    so what i am saying is maybe i should watch that show more. i like ghosts and freaks so this is my favorite of the ones you’ve reviewed so far.

    • The second half of season 8 (or 1, depending on how you want to count it) just started on 10/10/10 (Hey, it’s Ben 10 after all). So yeah, Cartoon Network is where it’s at.

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