Pretenders to the Throne: M.U. Dark Avengers

I recently picked up the new Dark Avengers Comic Two-Pack from Hasbro. It came with Venom and Daken in their stolen identities.  Sometimes I wish I could steal someone’s identity. I hear its big business these days! Anyway, if you wanna give it a once-over, its up over at MTV Geek! and here’s the link:

Dark Avengers Two-Pack Review

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  1. good review! my Daken’s head has the best paint ever, so i bet you are super jealous. but the amount of lipstick that upcoming Sentry is wearing will make up for it i guess.

    dark avengers was a brilliant idea because i will continue to buy a bunch of hardly re-tooled and repainted toys because i loved it. good work, marvel and hasbro! and a special shout out to my homeboy Big Brother Disney! (especially walt’s frozen nazi head)

    • Thanks! Yes, I am indeed quite jealous…almost to the point of scratching your name into my forearm with an unwound paperclip. Almost.

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